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With the benefit of hindsight, and considering that oil barrels have comfortably nestled round the $65-mark and we no longer receive oil subsidies from our energy-rich neighbors, one would expect that policy makers would realize the graveness of their imprudence and start reversing the impact of last year's charade.
The next day the graveness of his condition had sunk in.
Borja is able to convey the graveness of this illness that affects so many, including some 9/11 responders, and the critical need for increased research funding to find lifesaving treatments.
129) The Council will take into account the following considerations when determining the appropriate administrative measure to apply: the intentional character of the discriminatory conduct, the graveness of the discriminatory act or practice, and the reoccurrence of the incident.
for youth no less becomes The light and careless livery that it wears Than settled age his sables and his weeds Importing health and graveness.
The ''selfish and malicious'' killing of the pilot could have led to a disaster of the plane crashing,'' the prosecution said in stressing the graveness of the crime.
Once enough Americans who care about our nation's future sufficiently understand the graveness of the situation in throwing open our borders, they will want no part of the FTAA.
The graveness of this offence is that more and more people who contribute to downloading these programmes create a greater risk for a child to be abused.