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I laughed in such an affected and disgusting way that they all at once broke off their conversation, and silently and gravely for two minutes watched me walking up and down from the table to the stove, taking no notice of them.
As there was only one cluster of hare-bells within easy reach, I said very gravely that I thought one would do this time, and I picked it and gave it to him.
Then he stepped swiftly across the carpet, picked up the tall silk hat, and gravely put it upon the head of the yet pinioned Todhunter.
I tried to restrain myself; but the sense of the absurdity of this last petition (quite gravely addressed to me, remember
To my laconic invitation to come in for a drink he answered by a deep, gravely accented: "Thanks, I will" as though it were a response in church.
He raised his eyes while I spoke, and gravely turned them upon me, with a half-surprised, half-abstracted look, and then bent them on his wife.
We arrested him," replied the sergeant gravely, "just as he was coming out of the police station at Highgate, where he had deposited all his master's money in the care of Inspector Robinson.
Finally he abandoned his task, shaking his head gravely.
Taking therefore an opportunity of a cessation of chat, she addressed herself gravely to him, and said, "Sir, I shall not possibly be able to give you an answer to-night as to that business; but if you please to leave word where I may send to you to-morrow "
I think I have guessed now," said Helen very gravely.
The reporter looked gravely at Fred, who looked gravely at him.
Do you know," she said finally, just a little gravely, "I am not at all used to speeches of this sort.
There was a moment's silence; then very gravely the doctor said:
Accordingly, after dinner, he very gravely says to me, his sisters being all by, 'Mrs.
In person, Mrs General, including her skirts which had much to do with it, was of a dignified and imposing appearance; ample, rustling, gravely voluminous; always upright behind the proprieties.