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"I never talk myself when I'm singing," he went on very gravely: "so oo shouldn't either." Then he tuned the hare-bells once more, and sang:
He sat looking at my dress (as I supposed) with a steady and anxious attention, gravely forming his own conclusions, steadfastly pursuing his own train of thought.
Gravely arranging his embroidery, this extraordinary being began to work with the patient and nimble dexterity of an accomplished needle-woman.
That access to capital, along with time and expertise with energy projects, is a primary goal of Catholic Energies, said Page Gravely, executive vice president for client services.
The growing number of human rights defenders who died at the hands of unidentified gunmen under the Duterte administration is 'gravely alarming,' the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) said Friday.
The youngster was described as "gravely ill" as he was rushed to hospital for immediate surgery.
SEVERAL Championship clubs are "gravely concerned" by the EFL board's announcement it has approved a new domestic broadcasting rights deal.
Summary: Delhi [India] Nov 8: Two children of a family were charred to death and two more siblings gravely injured after a fire broke out in a shanty on Diwali night at Desh Bandhu Gupta road area in the capital city.
Waleed and Danish, both of whom were gravely injured, were immediately shifted to a nearby hospital.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan has said it is gravely concerned over use of chemical weapons by Indian Forces in Occupied Kashmir.
Jerusalem/PNN The German government said on Monday that it was gravely concerned about Israeli settlement plans in East Jerusalem, reports WAFA news agency.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Numerous press freedom advocacy groups and international media outlets have condemned the government-led raids on Koza ypek Holding as a part of a crackdown on critical media, with literary network English PEN saying it "is gravely alarmed about the government's heavy-handed tactics against journalists in Turkey."
Cllr Alex Aldridge, who used to have a shotgun license and still owns an air rifle, said that he is "gravely concerned" over the shooting.