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grate on someone

to annoy someone; to rub someone the wrong way. Your negative attitude really grates on me. Everything you say grates on me.
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grate on someone('s nerves)

Fig. to annoy someone; to bother someone. My obnoxious brother is grating on my nerves. Your whining really grates on me.
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grate on something

to rub, scrape, or abrade something. The tree branch is grating on the side of the house. The bottom of the door is grating on the threshold. Please fix it. gratify someone's desires Euph. to have sex with someone. The prostitute promised to gratify her customer's desires. That night, he gratified her desires.
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grate on

1. To scrape against something and roughen or remove pieces of a surface: The fender was grating on the tire of the car.
2. To irritate someone or something as if by scraping or grating: These loud noises are starting to grate on me.
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So far this year thieves have stolen about 60 gully grates in Huddersfield.
During the National Hardware Show, May 9-11, Grate Chef(TM) will introduce its latest grill innovation: Stainless Steel Wipes.
The iron grates, which cover roadside drains, are believed to have been stolen because of their scrap value.
Workers then will replace the underwater grates, or "trash racks," shielding the intake of the 2,840-foot-long pipeline that connects Lake Tapps to PSE's hydropower plant.
For the past three years, Grates served as senior director of operations for Integrated Diagnostic Centers (IDC), a diagnostic services company in Houston.
These Designer Series color grills are available only in 24-inch and 36-inch cooking grate widths.
In what follows, Chapter 2 begins by summarizing the regional markets for imported and exported iron or steel domestic stoves, grates, and non-electric space heaters excluding kitchen appliances.
Children - including Mr Brook's seven-year-old son Alex - walk along Helme Lane in Meltham every day on the way to Helme CE Junior and Infants School Mr Brook, 28, said: "At the beginning of November I was walking up Helme Lane to pick up my son when I saw two grates were missing.
Two special 'P' type Rare Earth Grate Magnets have been installed by Jardox Ltd to remove fine iron particles from food ingredients used in the production of pastes and sauces.
If there is a problem with a complete set of hammers, grates or liner plates, rather than being a specification problem, the most likely answer can be found in one of the other two variables--the type of material being shredded or the mechanical questions of shape and size of all the parts involved.
The force of the water was 170 pounds per square inch, flowing through three 1-foot-square openings covered by plastic grates, county public health coordinator Lester Jargowsky said Tuesday.
3 (That's far enough #3, 1989), marry the use of closed surfaces with grates that, because of their Spartan austerity, create an atmosphere that wavers between the lattice windows of a convent and the bars of a jail cell.
Marinades and sauces stay close to foods instead of running through the grates, so flavor essence is absorbed directly into the food as the liquids vaporize.
THIEVES have stolen grates from a busy main road in Huddersfield.
BLUCHER UK Ltd had added their Hygienic Pro cast stainless steel grates to their range of stainless steel channels and floor drain.