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grate on (one's) nerves

To irritate or annoy someone. Her snarky comments are really starting to grate on my nerves.
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grate on (someone or something)

1. To scrape or scratch against something. When you move the table, please make sure that the legs don't grate on the floor.
2. To be irritating or annoying. Her snarky comments are really starting to grate on me.
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grate on someone

to annoy someone; to rub someone the wrong way. Your negative attitude really grates on me. Everything you say grates on me.
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grate on someone('s nerves)

Fig. to annoy someone; to bother someone. My obnoxious brother is grating on my nerves. Your whining really grates on me.
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grate on something

to rub, scrape, or abrade something. The tree branch is grating on the side of the house. The bottom of the door is grating on the threshold. Please fix it. gratify someone's desires Euph. to have sex with someone. The prostitute promised to gratify her customer's desires. That night, he gratified her desires.
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grate on

1. To scrape against something and roughen or remove pieces of a surface: The fender was grating on the tire of the car.
2. To irritate someone or something as if by scraping or grating: These loud noises are starting to grate on me.
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If you're still dealing with stuck-on food, Hawkins advises soaking the grates overnight in a mixture of two cups of vinegar and one cup of baking soda in a large garbage bag tied with a rubber band.
A STEEL WEDGE GRATE PLACED in a traditional Indian cook fire can increase the fuel efficiency and cut soot emissions by more than half, new research has found.
In the three months before the launch of forensic identifier grease, 32 gully grates were taken from roads in just five wards in the north of the city.
Calderdale Council has already had to replace six grate covers.
Wansbeck Council is replacing the grates but in the meantime pedestrians, cyclists and motor cyclists are urged to be vigilant.
"Just about all manufacturers are retrofitting old machines with bridge or trust grates," he says.
Thus, the iconographic narrative would seem to be this: the turbulent water pours down the steps and out of the Puritan domestic structure, through the grate at the base of the stairs, and metaphorically through the culvert pipe, into the underground where it is redeemed - an allegory of leaving home, leaving the Church, slipping through the cracks, and finding salvation in the counterculture of the underground, which is symbolized by the disorderly common beauty of the tide pool teeming with life.
Grates not only harm trees if left unattended, they also cost a lot of money.
Iron tree guards and grates have been used in the United States since the late 1890s.
Healthy brains may employ one anatomical mechanism to assess unconsciously the orientation of objects, such as the alighnment of a block or grate, and another to make conscious judgments concerning orientation, the researchers propose in the just-received September PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE.
DAD Carl Brook has spoken of his anger that two road grates stolen four months ago have not been replaced.
If there is a problem with a complete set of hammers, grates or liner plates, rather than being a specification problem, the most likely answer can be found in one of the other two variables--the type of material being shredded or the mechanical questions of shape and size of all the parts involved.
3 (That's far enough #3, 1989), marry the use of closed surfaces with grates that, because of their Spartan austerity, create an atmosphere that wavers between the lattice windows of a convent and the bars of a jail cell.