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grate on someone

to annoy someone; to rub someone the wrong way. Your negative attitude really grates on me. Everything you say grates on me.
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grate on someone('s nerves)

Fig. to annoy someone; to bother someone. My obnoxious brother is grating on my nerves. Your whining really grates on me.
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grate on something

to rub, scrape, or abrade something. The tree branch is grating on the side of the house. The bottom of the door is grating on the threshold. Please fix it. gratify someone's desires Euph. to have sex with someone. The prostitute promised to gratify her customer's desires. That night, he gratified her desires.
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grate on

1. To scrape against something and roughen or remove pieces of a surface: The fender was grating on the tire of the car.
2. To irritate someone or something as if by scraping or grating: These loud noises are starting to grate on me.
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Now sieve in the flour, bicarbonate of soda, baking powder, ground cinnamon, grated nutmeg and lightly mix.
11/2 pounds beets, peeled and finely grated in a food processor
Add the lemon zest, grated ginger and warmed syrup and blitz.
Lot 4 - Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheese (analogue) grated mix.
The market for sliced and grated cheese had been in strong growth, and most cheeses were now available in sliced and grated formats, said Bradbury and Son marketing director Chris Chisnall.
We are the only Welsh brand that can offer an entire range of cheese in all types of retail formats - deli, retail, grated and sliced.
8 /PRNewswire/ -- From Caesar salad to pasta primavera, tomato bruschetta to deep dish pizza, topping your favorite restaurant dishes with grated Parmesan cheese adds a distinctive and delicious touch.
Add dried cherries or cranberries and red onions to cranberry relish; heat cooked fresh green beans with butter, fresh ginger and a little grated lemon zest; saute brussels sprouts with caraway seeds, bacon, onion and a splash of cider vinegar; serve green beans with kalamata olives and a creme fraiche dressing with a hint of lemon; or roast spears of sweet potatoes and top with a favorite bacon vinaigrette or aioli.
3 carrots, peeled and grated Salt, white pepper and sugar to taste
I LOVE grated cheese on my pasta dishes, but I'm always cutting my knuckles on my cheese grater.
Stir in the juice mixture, grated zest, spices, sugar, salt, and oil.
butter or margarine 2 tablespoons orange-flavored liqueur, optional 4 ounces semisweet chocolate, coarsely grated 1/2 cup chopped pecans or walnuts Dried fruit (such as apricots, figs, dates, papaya, pears, pineapple) Butter cookies or sugar cookies
Blueberry coconut bircher Serves - 4 Serves - 4 Prep time - 2 minutes Prep time - 2 minutes INGREDIENTS: 250g Alpro Simply 250g Alpro Simply Plain alternative Plain alternative to yogurt to yogurt 150g jumbo oats 150g jumbo oats 100g or one grated 100g or one grated Granny Smith apple Granny Smith apple 80ml Alpro Coconut 80ml Alpro Coconut Original drink Original drink 5tsp cinnamon 5tsp cinnamon 30g pistachio nuts, 30g pistachio nuts, roughly chopped roughly chopped 150g of fresh 150g of fresh blueberries blueberries METHOD Place the oats, grated Place the oats, grated apple, cinnamon, Alpro apple, cinnamon, Alpro Simply Plain and Alpro Simply Plain and Alpro Coconut Original in a large mixing bowl.