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grate on (one's) nerves

To irritate or annoy someone. Her snarky comments are really starting to grate on my nerves.
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grate on (someone or something)

1. To scrape or scratch against something. When you move the table, please make sure that the legs don't grate on the floor.
2. To be irritating or annoying. Her snarky comments are really starting to grate on me.
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grate on someone

to annoy someone; to rub someone the wrong way. Your negative attitude really grates on me. Everything you say grates on me.
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grate on someone('s nerves)

Fig. to annoy someone; to bother someone. My obnoxious brother is grating on my nerves. Your whining really grates on me.
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grate on something

to rub, scrape, or abrade something. The tree branch is grating on the side of the house. The bottom of the door is grating on the threshold. Please fix it. gratify someone's desires Euph. to have sex with someone. The prostitute promised to gratify her customer's desires. That night, he gratified her desires.
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grate on

1. To scrape against something and roughen or remove pieces of a surface: The fender was grating on the tire of the car.
2. To irritate someone or something as if by scraping or grating: These loud noises are starting to grate on me.
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This report researches the worldwide Tree Grate market size (value, capacity, production and consumption) in key regions like North America, Europe, China and Japan.
If you're still dealing with stuck-on food, Hawkins advises soaking the grates overnight in a mixture of two cups of vinegar and one cup of baking soda in a large garbage bag tied with a rubber band.
Pemberton-Pigott works to set stove standards in Indonesia and he has seen another grate used there.
Use a posthole digger to dig a 6- to 8-inch-diameter hole that's 18 to 24 inches deep for the iron pipe sleeve that will support the cooking grate assembly.
Sixteen people watching an outdoor pop concert in South Korea fell 20 meters (60 feet) to their deaths Friday when a ventilation grate they were standing on collapsed, officials said.
While on first consideration, it may sound like multi-support grates would be better on wear, they are generally thinner than bridge grates and actually tend to wear away more quickly, Schwartz says.
Also in Hanover, Grate was responsible for a 6,000 square-foot sublease for VLL, Inc., a computer software firm.
Once you know how, it's easy to use but only grates finely.
Thus, the iconographic narrative would seem to be this: the turbulent water pours down the steps and out of the Puritan domestic structure, through the grate at the base of the stairs, and metaphorically through the culvert pipe, into the underground where it is redeemed - an allegory of leaving home, leaving the Church, slipping through the cracks, and finding salvation in the counterculture of the underground, which is symbolized by the disorderly common beauty of the tide pool teeming with life.
In downtown Washington, D.C., a private property manager recently chopped a deep gash in the trunk of a healthy linden tree in order to install a grate. The tree will likely die prematurely as a result.
A light indicates that the unit is charging, and on a full charge the grater can grate more than 100 servings.
As tree diameters increase, the aperture in the center of the grate must be enlarged to prevent it from girdling the tree.
Healthy brains may employ one anatomical mechanism to assess unconsciously the orientation of objects, such as the alighnment of a block or grate, and another to make conscious judgments concerning orientation, the researchers propose in the just-received September PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE.