the grass roots

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the grass roots

The ordinary people in a group, as opposed to the leaders. Why shouldn't ordinary people take action? The grass roots of our society have been able to bring about major changes in the past.
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the grass roots

COMMON The grass roots of an organization or movement are the ordinary people who form the main part of it, rather than its leaders. The revolution is actually coming from the grass roots and I think eventually the authorities will follow. This was a truly socialist party, ultimately controlled by its grass roots. Note: Grass-roots or grassroots can be used before a noun. The proposal is backed by grass-roots activists. The president won the election after a grassroots campaign. The leadership has become detached from what's going on at grassroots level.
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the ˌgrass ˈroots

the ordinary people in an organization, for example a political party or trade union, and not the officials: The leaders of this union are losing contact with their members. They need to get back in touch with the grass roots. ▶ ˌgrass-ˈroots adj.: a grass-roots movement
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1. n. the common people, especially rural people. We really haven’t heard anything from the grassroots yet.
2. mod. having to do with or originating with the common people. A grassroots movement pushed Senator Del Monte toward the nomination.
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The Fonterra Grass Roots Fund is our way of saying thank you by supporting projects and ideas that bring our communities together and make them better, more vibrant places to be.
After a day of intense football action it was the Muscat Grass Roots that took top honours at the tournament, with Muscat Football Academy taking the runnersA[degrees]up spot.
Grass Roots Farmers Co-op sells its meats through its "Herds to Home" community-supported agriculture delivery service.
5% of that money lters its way down into the grass roots game.
Tickets for the Grass Roots Football Show cost pounds 12 (adults) and pounds 6 (under-16s).
The former England international, Sir Trevor Brooking, commented; "I am delighted to launch the 2012 Grass Roots Football Show.
ROBBIE SAVAGE is an ambassador for the brmb Grass Roots Football Show which takes place at the NEC from 3-5 June www.
Grass Roots Group now has two datacentres in the UK, located in the London Docklands and at Heathrow, with a pair of FESX switches deployed at each for resilience providing 1Gb/s server connectivity.
It's a balance between spending that money strengthening the squad and putting money into grass roots.
However, because of their disconnect from grass roots leadership and democracy they become mere charities creating social parasites and deepening the dependency syndrome of Ghana.
Older students might check out Grass Roots Natural Goods, which offers a variety of hemp and organic cotton clothes.
But after being made redundant from a shop assistant job at 19 she went to the Grass Roots City Centre Youth Project in Charles Street, Cardiff.
Sinise describes Operation Iraqi Children as "a grass roots program to provide concerned Americans with a means to reach out to Iraqi kids and help support our soldiers' efforts to assist the Iraqi people.
I was glad to see your article about the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force ["Growing the Grass Roots," July 19] because I firmly believe it saved our lives at Camp Sister Spirit in Ovett, Miss.