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We incorporated open-ended fingertips to allow haptic feedback and assist in grasping manipulation and hand shaping.
The vacuum for grasping the object is created by both the turbulent flow in point X (Fig.
With the recent publication of Billings and Blee, The Road to Poverty and now Robert Weise's Grasping at Independence, the economic and social underpinnings of southern Appalachian history in the nineteenth century, before the advent of railroads and coal, are emerging in all their remarkable complexity.
4) If this is unsuccessful, the object may be removed with a nasal grasping forceps, a curved right-angle hook, suction, or a Foley balloon catheter.
For recording reaching and grasping, two markers were placed on the subject's thumb and index finger (at the joint of the middle and distal phalanges).
The curved handwheel was superior to the knurled handwheel (Row 5 in Table 5) only under the power grasping condition.
He does not mention time again until [sections]C, when he emphasizes the importance of grasping both the change connected with the thing and the change connected with the time (b23-4).
To speed removal, the dissecting forceps may be held in the clinician's dominant hand while grasping the next implant, as shown in Figure 6.
But on this side the Mississippi shields the grounds, no intruders except creatures on wings, bellies, or multiple grasping legs, or poets looking for a poem filtering through trees, wind, rain, gray light at dawn, shadows at dusk, songs of birds, or the crickets' mating cries, all responding to the murmur of waves turned to the bend of the river westward and north, lost among shadows of oaks, pines, sycamores lining the banks.
The success of the creel loading machine is largely dependent upon the means of grasping the spool.
Grasping the basic concepts of modeling simulation will be an absolute requirement if you are at all serious about marketing.
Optimal bipolar grasping is made possible by a robust hinge that has been incorporated into the wide-opening jaws of RoBi(TM) hand instruments.
Allis Tissue Grasping forceps, stainless steel 150mm.
Industrial robotic "grippers" already exist that are able to grasp objects and move them but are unable to handle items as a human hand would - grasping an egg without breaking it but also lifting heavy, bulky things.
The device electrically activates paralyzed muscles by using electrodes that are either implanted within or sutured to the muscles in the hand and the forearm to provide two types of grasping patterns: a palmar grasp and a lateral pinch.