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ENGLAND'S easy 31-run win over formidable India in Sunday's key World Cup clash at Edgbaston has sparked a heated debate about the possible reasons behind the latter's lack of purpose in going for the record run chase, especially after the match had appeared within their grasp at one stage.
It was within their grasp at one stage but the same old problems have held them back time and time again - poor home form and too few goals.
Burnopfield's win at Sacriston gave them some breathing space just above the drop zone, and they had one man to mainly thank for a great victory that looked to be well out of their grasp at one stage.
The saucers are oblong so that they are long enough to securely grasp at one end while narrow enough to leave a table unencumbered, They have a notch at one end to cradle the heavy-bottomed cup's handle so that it fits very securely in the saucer.
Tammy's tearful mother Michelle, 33, said: 'I am horrified the police had her in their grasp at one stage and then let her go.
It was a shocking way to finish for United, who had the game in their grasp at one stage.