grasp at

grasp at (someone or something)

To attempt to hold onto or grip someone or something. I grasped at the dog, but she ran away from me. Liz and I grasped at the sides of the raft as we hit rough waters.
See also: grasp

grasp at someone or something

to try to seize someone or something. He grasped at the bar and held on tight. The beggar grasped at the pedestrian and lost his grip.
See also: grasp

grasp at

To have a hold on something or take hold of something with the hands: Afraid of the steep drop-off, I grasped at the railing.
See also: grasp
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2 : to grasp or grasp at something suddenly with the mouth or teeth
8 : to grasp at something eagerly <I snapped at the chance.
Misuse of words by those in the insurance business will continue to cause a judge and insureds to grasp at straws.
If we can keep them in school and playing a sport, they'll have something to grasp at.
Prime recruits for gangs are kids with nothing positive to grasp at.
Apparently, this was the first attempt to break up text into phrases that contained a complete idea that people could grasp at a glance.