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For, in today's world, to be under-developed is to have almost wholly failed to grasp the nature of your environment and to turn some of its processes into technologies enabling you to transform your habitat for better human use.
One week after the BTX-A injections, the spasticity of the left upper limb and the fingers improved and the grasp reflex and involuntary movement nearly disappeared (Figure 2).
The head is grasped with forceps, crushed and then removed through the vaginal canal.
Grasp and ABC Global will begin working over the next few months to introduce Grasp's product and service offerings to ABC Global's nearly 8,000-strong member agencies.
Grasp and Hickory will begin working over the next few months to introduce the Grasp product and service offerings to Hickory's members as well as collaborate to find ways to further help the Hickory membership grow their businesses.
Doug Cress, programme coordinator of GRASP, said: "It is clear the protecting great apes and their forest homes will require a broad-based effort to be successful.
Humans can easily grasp, lift, and manipulate objects of very different properties (e.g., texture, weight, and stiffness).
Ninety percent of natural grasp movements produced by the human hand, which has greater than 25 DoF [4], have been reconstructed using five or six synergies [5, 6].
ANKARA (CyHAN)- Turkish Interior Minister Muammer GE-ler has said the authorities failed to fully grasp the nature of protests linked to the Gezi Park near ystanbul's famed Taksim Square.
If the brain areas in charge of motor planning also process objects' action-related information, as Rizzolatti and Arbib (1998) have suggested, then the presentation of hand grasp actions should influence the subsequent identification of a graspable object.
David Bowerman, 35, from Chelmsford, Essex, helped set up Gambling Reform And Society Perception (Grasp) after stealing PS7 million from investors to fund his extravagant lifestyle and gambling addiction.
General Motors and NASA are designing a wearable robotic glove that gives humans a stronger grasp while potentially reducing the risk of repetitive stress injuries.
No, I want him to hear my footsteps, so maybe he'll grasp