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grapple (with someone) (for something)

to fight or scuffle with someone to get hold of something. The cop grappled with the thief for the gun. He grappled for the gun with Max.

grapple with something

Fig. to deal with a problem; to get a "good hold" on a problem. I have enough to grapple with now. No more problems, please. I cannot grapple with any additional problems.
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grapple with

To be engaged with the complications or problems presented by something; struggle with: Some parts of the world are grappling with overpopulation.
See also: grapple
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Our economical new demolition and sorting grapples are purpose-built to handler materials and fit our customers' budget," commented Bert Heijligers, marketing communication manager at Caterpillar Work Tools.
About Grapple brand apples Grapple brand apples are the quintessential perfect healthy snack for kids of all ages.
Pin and bushing kits are available for grapple interchangeability between machines, allowing contractors to use their equipment fleets efficiently on different job sites.
People who don't eat meat can have limited choices in restaurants, cafeterias, and friends' homes, so toting Grapples is a great solution for snacks or meal accompaniments.
A-Ward Attachments manufactures a wide range of specialized excavator attachments used for downsizing materials like rebar and steel shears, wood shears, wire and rail shears, heavy-duty grapples and concrete pulverizer and cracking jaw which all mount on our pin connecting quick hitches, so they can be fitted in seconds.
Photo: In ``Nothing Sacred,'' Kevin Anderson stars as Father Ray, an irreverent priest who grapples with God, abortion and lust.
Grapple Brand Apples combine two favorite fruits - apples and grapes into one crunchy bite kids really enjoy.
In addition to the Zaxis 500, Progress Metals also employed a John Deere Model 270 excavator fitted with a bucket and a grapple made by Allied-Gator Inc.
Because Grapples are no ordinary apple, they fit into the mood and spirit of the season- something special," said Suzanne Wolter for Rainier Fruit Company.
We started getting calls months ago with people asking when and where they can purchase Grapples.
Grapples are designed for heavy demolition work, land clearing jobs and other tasks requiring maximum clamping, prying and breakout forces.
Orange-peel scrap grapples designed for fast, efficient movement and load-out of on-site material.
Parents love Grapples because they are healthy and easy to pack; children love them because they taste and smell great.
Gross says he prefers thumbs to grapples for that very reason--more precision in handling material.
Tools such as grapples with magnetic tines perform more than one task no matter what kind of coupler is in place.