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grapple for (something)

To physically struggle to obtain something. I grappled for the ball with one of the players on the other team.
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grapple with (someone or something)

1. To physically struggle with someone else to obtain something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "grapple" and "with." I grappled with one of the players on the other team for the ball.
2. To have difficulty in understanding or managing something. We've been grappling with a lot of technical issues since implementing that new computer system.
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grapple (with someone) (for something)

to fight or scuffle with someone to get hold of something. The cop grappled with the thief for the gun. He grappled for the gun with Max.

grapple with something

Fig. to deal with a problem; to get a "good hold" on a problem. I have enough to grapple with now. No more problems, please. I cannot grapple with any additional problems.
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grapple with

To be engaged with the complications or problems presented by something; struggle with: Some parts of the world are grappling with overpopulation.
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According to the manufacturer, the new series boasts high-grade, impact-resistant steel construction designed to protect vulnerable areas, such as hydraulic cylinders, which have been redesigned to provide added protection for the cylinder rod and to ensure quicker grapple opening time.
Several firms in the area all needed grapples at the same time, essentially wiping out our rental stock.
The grapples, which have been designed for hydraulic excavators with operating weights ranging from 10 to 19 tonnes, can be used to sort debris at source, load and unload containers, and strip buildings in preparation for demolition.
A-Ward Attachments manufactures a wide range of specialized excavator attachments used for downsizing materials like rebar and steel shears, wood shears, wire and rail shears, heavy-duty grapples and concrete pulverizer and cracking jaw which all mount on our pin connecting quick hitches, so they can be fitted in seconds.
Grapples come in both heavy-duty and high-capacity configurations.
Gross says he prefers thumbs to grapples for that very reason--more precision in handling material.
Orange-peel scrap grapples designed for fast, efficient movement and load-out of on-site material.
Manufacturer of hydraulically-powered excavator attachments, including mobile shears for demolition and processing metals, concrete, tires, wood, fixed and rotating grapples, concrete pulvenzers and processors.
Tools such as grapples with magnetic tines perform more than one task no matter what kind of coupler is in place.
Manufacturing and sales of purpose-built scrap and material handlers, grapples and other attachments.
Johnson notes that while magnets and grapples offer unique advantages, with magnets certain maintenance tasks must be performed regularly to ensure that it is operating effectively.
Whether moving recyclable commodities around the facility or performing actual demolition tasks, grapples, grabs and buckets are among the most useful tools available.
Four-tine grapples designed for handling scrap metal, refuse, demolition debris
The most common attachments fitted to skid steers in a demolition environment are hydraulic breakers for demolishing rock or concrete, scrap grapples for clamping and tear-down and heavy-duty buckets for material handling, says Zupancic.
In fact, the company has purchased 13 pieces of Sierra equipment throughout the years, including grapples and portable balers.