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grapple (with someone) (for something)

to fight or scuffle with someone to get hold of something. The cop grappled with the thief for the gun. He grappled for the gun with Max.

grapple with something

Fig. to deal with a problem; to get a "good hold" on a problem. I have enough to grapple with now. No more problems, please. I cannot grapple with any additional problems.
See also: grapple

grapple with

To be engaged with the complications or problems presented by something; struggle with: Some parts of the world are grappling with overpopulation.
See also: grapple
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But the result was that he was ranked 44th of the 44 grapplers in the 59-kilo lightest weight division of Greco-Roman.
This new extra-long Grappler is 16 feet long, and made especially for one purpose only: pulling down paper off a long roll to attach it to the printer.
This ancient sport has helped the country's grapplers to make a mark and bring India on the global sporting map.
The Indian grappler fashioned his first win against 2008 Beijing gold medal winner Ramazan Sahin on the last day of the mega-sporting event, reviving the country's hopes of winning another medal.
OK, your grappler weapon can get you into some pretty unique gaming situations while also offering itself up as a puzzle-solving tool, but these gimmicks actually prove to be smokescreens for what is in fact a pretty poor shooter.
5 ounces and offering one hand vice grip plier deployment, the Gerber Grappler features 13 tools and a stainless steel finish.
5-inch lift kit, Nitto Terra Grappler tires wrapping 22-inch American Force Trigger Wheels, and a DeWalt-special yellow paint for the exterior.
TOKYO - Marijuana was detected in urine samples from Russian smo wrestlers Roho and Hakurozan on Tuesday, further escalating a scandal in the Japanese sport after Wakanoho, another Russian grappler, was arrested for allegedly possessing the illegal drug, the Japan Sumo Association said.
Yet the motivation continues to brew inside the grappler and whenever he steps onto a mat, whether it is at practice or the next match, Stanley is out to prove himself.
The ponytailed grappler performed in the golden age of wrestling, when many millions would tune in for bouts on Saturday afternoons.
The funding also will be used to purchase a dump truck and a front-end loader with a grappler and other attachments, as well as a wood chipper.
Successful wrestlers become very familiar with the terrifying condition known as "oxygen debt"--a state in which a grappler ignores his depleted muscles, overtaxed lungs, straining heart and surging panic, continuing to fight out of sheer willpower.
Wrexham-based Torzo has designed, manufactures and distributes The Grappler.
And the 25-year-old grappler, from Stevenston, Ayrshire, admits it has been one of the toughest bouts of his career.
Children can make seven additional motorized models, including a crab that moves sideways, a spring-loaded kicking machine, and a grappler claw that clutches anything within reach, demonstrating physical science principles such as Hooke's Law, elasticity, and linkages.