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grapple for (something)

To physically struggle to obtain something. I grappled for the ball with one of the players on the other team.
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grapple with (someone or something)

1. To physically struggle with someone else to obtain something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "grapple" and "with." I grappled with one of the players on the other team for the ball.
2. To have difficulty in understanding or managing something. We've been grappling with a lot of technical issues since implementing that new computer system.
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grapple (with someone) (for something)

to fight or scuffle with someone to get hold of something. The cop grappled with the thief for the gun. He grappled for the gun with Max.

grapple with something

Fig. to deal with a problem; to get a "good hold" on a problem. I have enough to grapple with now. No more problems, please. I cannot grapple with any additional problems.
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grapple with

To be engaged with the complications or problems presented by something; struggle with: Some parts of the world are grappling with overpopulation.
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Loading elemental time functions were grouped into: (1) Swing to log pile--Begins when the grapple swings to log pile and ends when the grapple reaches the pile and is ready for grappling; (2) Grapple--Begins when grapple starts to gather a load and ends when the grapple is full; (3) Swing to truck--Begins when grapple starts to swing to tractor-trailer with a full grapple of logs and ends when grapple reaches the tractor-trailer; (4) Ungrapple--Begins when loader operator opens grapple and drops logs onto the truck and ends when loader is ready for another load; and (5) Rework--Consists of time taken to rearrange some of the logs grappled in a turn for better placement and a safe and full load.
Where L[T.sub.ijklm] represents the mth observation of elemental times, cycle time, or hourly production; [mu] is the mean of each response variable: A[D.sub.i] is the effect of the [] average small-end diameter of logs grappled per turn; A[L.sub.j] is the effect of the jth average length of logs grappled per turn; N[L.sub.k] is the effect of the kth number of logs grappled per turn; P[T.sub.l] is the effect of lth log product type: [[epsilon].sub.ijklm] is an error component that represents uncontrolled variability; and m is the number of observations within each treatment.
The loader grappled two logs per turn with an average volume of 54.64 BF (Table 4).
The average log length grappled per turn was the only factor that affected swing to pile time significantly (F = 4.09; df = 2,140; p = 0.0190) (Table 5).
It changed slightly and was not significantly affected by small-end diameter class of logs grappled per turn, average length of logs per turn, the number of logs per turn, or product types (Table 5).
It differed significantly among the average lengths of logs grappled per turn (F = 1.99; df = 2,140; p = 0.0128).
There was no significant difference in ungrappling time among average small-end diameter class, the number of logs grappled per turn, and among product types (Table 5).
They reported that the principal variables affecting skidding cycle time were skidding distance, machine flywheel horsepower, number of bunches grappled, and number of trees per turn.
And Kemp, 41, seemed to be falling into Grant Mitchell territory as he grappled with co-star Nichola McAuliffe.