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(a) grandfather clause

a clause in an agreement that protects certain rights granted in the past even when conditions change in the future. The contract contained a grandfather clause that protected my pension payments against claims such as might arise from a future lawsuit.
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grandfather someone or something in

to protect someone or a right through the use of a grandfather clause. My payments were grandfathered in years ago.
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The generative grandfathering framework was not proposed as a comprehensive theory of involvement and did not explicitly consider contact and commitment.
Similarly, Bates and Taylor (2008) found that a composite variable of the six original generative grandfathering work domains was modestly and positively associated with relationship satisfaction.
We believe, however, there is a social-cognitive factor not often considered in intergenerational relationship research that impacts how grandparents, in this case grandfathers, think about and then enact their grandfathering role.
Furthering the understanding of grandfathering is vital as these changing demographic and family processes indicate that older men are likely to be increasingly significant in family life.
1999) shows diversity and individuality within grandfathering, Russell (1986), Gutmann, (1988) and Scraton and Holland (2006) indicate the importance of shared gendered experiences and the sociohistorical context of ageing.
The first part of the grandfathering package is a checklist to ensure that required items are completed on the application form, confirms CISSP status and verifies that required attachments are included.
The ISSAP and ISSMP grandfathering process will be offered from May 1-Dec.