the granddaddy of them all

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the granddaddy of them all

The biggest, oldest, most impressive, or most respected person or thing of his, her, or its kind. I own a lot of vintage cars, but my 1926 Bentley is the granddaddy of them all.
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granddaddy of them all

The first, oldest, or most respected of its kind, as in That computer is the grandaddy of them all. [Colloquial; c. 1900]
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(grand)daddy (of them all)

n. the biggest or oldest of all; the patriarch. This old fish is the granddaddy of them all.
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Meanwhile, Southern Grind has plans to build on their line of knives with new offerings in 2014, including a second generation Bad Monkey and a new GranDaddy G2.
The bent synth goodness and A+ writing that were the hallmarks of Grandaddy continue in Jason's new tunes.
The carefully documented museum has a challenge to the usual theory of pachinko's origins: While most histories describe pachinko as an adaptation of the American "Corinthian Game" (a kind of grandaddy pinball), the pachinko museum sees more in common between early machines and the vertical "wall machines" of late 19th century European penny arcades.
Cezanne is the modernist grandaddy here, with such artists as Joan Mitchell and Euan Uglow (to spread the designation around a little) as part of the pack.
Among his recent projects is a programme featuring the group Grandaddy, scheduled for screening on Channel 4.
We had just sat down to supper when Grandaddy heard a noise like fireworks.
The tree is a grandaddy among flowering plants; some members of the magnolia family appear in fossils dating back 70 million years.
It all started with Stouffer's Lean Cuisine, the grandaddy of light frozen meals.
Sounding at times like Sumday-era Grandaddy, at others like Belle & Sebastian, he flits between alt-rock and acoustic twee with ease and assuredness.
Mechanical Owl: Brittle II The comparisons to Grandaddy are unavoidable.
com The grandaddy of designer kettles is powerful enough to heat water to 100C in less than two minutes and does it with an air of streamlined designer elegance.
The grandaddy of glam rock will join Black Sabbath hellraiser Ozzy Osborne and comedian Jasper Carrot as being officially recognised on Broad Street.
Grandaddy started the Hilton hotel chain, daddy is a billionaire property tycoon and Paris herself earned pounds 4million last year from product endorsements.
Recalling the finest work of Grandaddy, Sparklehorse and Super Furry Animals, this is a thrilling record from a band on top form, and as such is a real must-buy.