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grand poobah

The most important or powerful person in a group, organization, business, or movement (e.g., the boss, leader, etc.). I think it sounds like a great idea, but you'll have to ask the grand poobah first.
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grand slam

1. In the card game bridge, the winning of all thirteen tricks on one deal of the game. I've been playing bridge for years, but I've still never been able to make a grand slam.
2. In baseball, a homerun that is achieved when all three bases have runners on them. It looked like the home team was in for a sure loss, but a grand slam at the last minute edged them ahead of their opponents.
3. (sometimes capitalized) In sports, the winning of all major championships or tournaments in a single year, especially in tennis or golf. The young player shocked the tennis world by winning a Grand Slam in her first year at the professional level.
4. By extension, any total, sweeping victory or success. With the Ohio votes in her favor, it looks like the new president has managed a grand slam.
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grand total

The final amount after adding several different numbers or sums. After everything was accounted for, the cost of remodeling the kitchen came to a grand total of $4,500.
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grand tour

1. An extended tour or sightseeing trip in, through, or across any country or region. Originally used in specific reference to the major cities of Europe, the trip was considered a necessary part of well-bred gentlemen's upbringing. It was later extended to travel in general. I've been saving up all year long for my grand tour through France.
2. By extension, a comprehensive, guided tour, inspection, or survey. This is your first time seeing our new house, right? Let me give you the grand tour! The general insisted on a grand tour of all the sites that are still operational.
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grand scheme

The long term; the complete picture of something. Typically used in the phrase "in the grand scheme of things." I know you're worried about getting a bad grade on this test, but you're such a great student that I doubt it will matter in the grand scheme of things.
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in the (grand) scheme of things

In the long term; in the complete picture of something. I know you're worried about getting a bad grade on this test, but you're such a great student that I doubt it will matter in the grand scheme of things.
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the grand old man of (something)

The most senior and respected man in a particular organization, society, etc. His decades of hosting charity balls and galas have made him the grand old man of London.
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a grand old age

A very old age. My grandfather passed away this weekend. He lead a remarkable life and lived to a grand old age.
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the grand old age of

The very old age of. My grandfather passed away this weekend. He lead a remarkable life and lived to the grand old age of 98.
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*busy as a beaver (building a new dam)

 and *busy as a bee; *busy as a one-armed paperhanger; *busy as Grand Central Station; *busy as a cat on a hot tin roof; *busy as a fish peddler in Lent; *busy as a cranberry merchant (at Thanksgiving); *busy as popcorn on a skillet
very busy. (*Also: as ~.) My boss keeps me as busy as a one-armed paperhanger. I don't have time to talk to you. I'm as busy as a beaver. When the tourist season starts, this store is busy as Grand Central Station. Sorry I can't go to lunch with you. I'm as busy as a beaver building a new dam. Prying into other folks' business kept him busy as popcorn on a skillet.
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busy as a beaver

Also, busy as a bee. Hardworking, very industrious, as in With all her activities, Sue is always busy as a bee, or Bob's busy as a beaver trying to finish painting before it rains. The comparison to beavers dates from the late 1700s, the variant from the late 1300s. Also see eager beaver; work like a beaver.
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grand slam

A sweeping success or total victory, as in This presentation gave us a grand slam-every buyer placed an order. This term originated in the early 1800s in the card game of whist (forerunner of contract bridge), where it refers to the taking of all thirteen tricks. It later was extended to bridge and various sports, where it has different meanings: in baseball, a home run hit with runners on all the bases, resulting in four runs for the team; in tennis, winning all four national championships in a single calendar year; in golf, winning all four major championships. In the 1990s the term was used for four related proposals presented on a ballot at once.
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grand tour

A comprehensive tour, survey, or inspection. For example, They took me on a grand tour of their new house, or The new chairman will want to make a grand tour of all the branches. Starting in the late 1600s this term was used for a tour of the major European cities, considered essential to a well-bred man's education. In the mid-1800s it was extended to more general use.
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a big kahuna


a grand kahuna

A big kahuna is a very important person in an organization. Suncorp Metway big kahuna Steve Jones may be thinking twice about his plans to start a business in North Queensland. Note: The word `kahuna' is from Hawaiian and means `wise man'.
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a (or the) grand old man of

a man long and highly respected in a particular field.
Recorded from 1882 , and popularly abbreviated as GOM, Grand Old Man was the nickname of the British statesman William Ewart Gladstone ( 1809–98 ), who went on to win his last election in 1892 at the age of eighty-three.
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a/the ˌgrand old ˈage

a great age: She finally learned to drive at the grand old age of 65.
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a/the ˌgrand old ˈman (of something)

an old man who is very experienced and respected in a particular profession, etc: At eighty, he is the grand old man of the British film industry.
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and G and gee and large
n. one thousand dollars. That car probably cost about twenty grand. You owe me three gees! He won three large on the slots!

Grand Central Station

n. any busy and hectic place. (From Grand Central Station in New York City—a very busy place.) At just about closing time, this place becomes Grand Central Station.
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L'atelier a recommand[beaucoup plus grand que] de mener une l[beaucoup plus grand que]tude sur la culture et les pratiques soudanaises communes tout en profitant des m[beaucoup plus grand que]dias populaires des m[beaucoup plus grand que]dias traditionnels dans les programmes [beaucoup plus grand que]ducatifs et les plans et les programmes des m[beaucoup plus grand que]dias modernes ,appelant A b[beaucoup plus grand que]n[beaucoup plus grand que]ficier des organismes officiels et civils dans le d[beaucoup plus grand que]veloppement de la conscience culturelle.
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We're responding to some of the recent events surrounding the grand jury in the county, and after some discussion we decided that this was the appropriate action to take,'' said Michael Planet, executive officer of the Ventura County Superior Court.
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The Grand American Road Racing Association will break in the new 2.
L'installation des fixations pour le passage des cAaAaAeAacentsbles des feux tricolor au niveau de 200 intersections de la wilaya d'Alger a d[beaucoup plus grand que]but[beaucoup plus grand que] r[beaucoup plus grand que]cemment dans le cadre du projet men[beaucoup plus grand que] par une joint-venture alg[beaucoup plus grand que]ro-espagnole sp[beaucoup plus grand que]cialis[beaucoup plus grand que]e dans la r[beaucoup plus grand que]gulation de la circulation routi[c]re AaAaAeA Alger, a indiqu[beaucoup plus grand que] dimanche le directe g[beaucoup plus grand que]n[beaucoup plus grand que]ral de l'Etablissement de r[beaucoup plus grand que]alisation et de maintenance de l'[beaucoup plus grand que]clairage public de la wilaya d'Alger (ERMA), Abderrazak Bendjeni.
Au 31 d[beaucoup plus grand que]cembre 2016, l'entreprise tunisienne de sid[beaucoup plus grand que]rurgie El Fouledh r[beaucoup plus grand que]alisait des revenus d'exploitation de 139,855 MDT.