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graft (something) on

To connect or join two things, typically living things (such as plants or human tissue). Can the burn doctor really graft healthy skin cells on?
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graft (something) onto (something)

To connect or join two things, typically living things (such as plants or human tissue). Can the doctor really graft healthy skin cells onto that burned area?
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graft away

To work laboriously on something. Primarily heard in UK. Sean's really been grafting away on his term paper—I hope he gets an A. If you really graft away, you might be able to get this house cleaned in a couple hours, but geez, it'll be a lot of work.
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graft something on(to) something

 and graft something on
to splice a living part onto another living part. The gardener grafted a red rose onto the stem of another species. The gardener grafted on a red rose.
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In the present study, survival of the grafted plants after grafting was low (20.38%) even when the same species was used as rootstock and scion.
I've grafted with a Swiss army knife, an X-ACTO knife, and, best of all for its single bevel and straight edge, a grafting knife.
The european Rocha and Abbe Fetel pear cultivars grafted on to the quince EMC rootstock exhibited greater vigor according to the section increment (mm) in the cultivar's trunk at the graft union region and the section increment (mm) in the rootstocks trunk at the graft union region, because partial tissue continuity existed in the graft union region between the cultivars and rootstocks.
The four passes for each grafted stitch stay within the vertical transitions, without any jog.
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the average operation time intra-operative blood loss and postoperative pain and to demonstrate the surgical procedure and clinical outcome in terms of preservation of the grafted alveoli.
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A bypass graft refers to the artery or vein that is taken from somewhere else in the body and sewn or grafted onto a coronary artery that has become blocked.