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graft something on(to) something

 and graft something on
to splice a living part onto another living part. The gardener grafted a red rose onto the stem of another species. The gardener grafted on a red rose.
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Browse full research report with TOC on "Vascular Graft Market Analysis by Product (Hemodialysis Access Graft, Endovascular Stent Graft, Peripheral vascular, Coronary Artery By-pass Graft), by Application (Cardiovascular Diseases, Cardiac Aneurysm, Kidney Failure, Vascular Occlusion), by Raw Material (Polyester, Polytetrafluoroethylene, Polyurethane, Biological Materials) and Segment Forecasts To 2022" at: http://www.
But, if those who are involved in graft have powerful supporters, then they don't need secrecy.
As in this case of congenital malformation, rhinoplasty in ethnic populations often warrants a graft versatile enough to correct dorsal deficiency, under-projection, malrotation, and cartilage deficiency.
First, they chose a graft material-an elastic polymer called PGS-that is resorbed quickly by the body.
A lot of patients who have a stable equilibrium with their graft may destabilize under stress.
At a mean 12 years' follow-up, the group with bilateral ITA grafts had significantly greater survival and fewer reoperations than patients who got a single ITA graft.
In this paper, we cover wider range of graft ratios to show that the situation can be more complicated.
The NIST work has attracted the interest of biotechnology companies that focus on the development of synthetic bone grafts.
Based on proprietary hydrogel technology, CoSeal is designed to bond strongly and rapidly to tissue and graft material such as PTFE, forming a seal that prevents blood leakage at graft sites.
Over the next year, 11 of the 16 patients receiving untreated vessels experienced blockages that occluded at least three-fourths of the blood flow in the graft.
We describe our approach to the design, development and production of a self-sealing vascular access graft, and the continuing development of a compliant small diameter vascular prosthesis using a unique patented fabrication process with a new generation of a biodurable poly(carbonate)urethane.
Gore & Associates (Gore) shares data from the Scandinavian study designed to compare one year patency rates of the GORE[R] PROPATEN[R] Vascular Graft with standard ePTFE grafts (GORE-TEX[R] Stretch Vascular Graft).
The analysts forecast global bone graft and substitute market to grow at a CAGR of 4.
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