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graft (something) onto (something)

To connect or join two things, typically living things (such as plants or human tissue). Can the doctor really graft healthy skin cells onto that burned area?
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graft (something) on

To connect or join two things, typically living things (such as plants or human tissue). Can the burn doctor really graft healthy skin cells on?
See also: graft, on

graft something on(to) something

 and graft something on
to splice a living part onto another living part. The gardener grafted a red rose onto the stem of another species. The gardener grafted on a red rose.
See also: graft, on
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Graft compatibility was evaluated based on plant growth variables and by analyzing the vascular connection at the graft union region at eight years after grafting on to seedlings.
According to the manufacturer's information for use in hemodialysis (Merit Medical, 2016, 2017a), nursing staff should follow KDOQI guidelines for graft assessment, preparation, and cannulation.
Begin this graft by cutting off the bottom of the scion to a long, sloping bevel 1 to 2 inches long, with a similar cut at the top of the rootstock.
Split thickness glabrous skin graft was harvested either from the hypothenar eminence or the instep of the sole.
The leaves below the grafting point were kept in order to maintain the photosynthetic activity of the plants until the graft had taken, like the methodology performed by SASSO et al.
The material used for graft is autologous cartilage harvested from right 7th costal cartilage, septal cartilage or ear.
But, if those who are involved in graft have powerful supporters, then they don't need secrecy.
Sequential venous graft was defined as a venous graft with the number of distal anastomoses exceeding the number of its proximal anastomoses.
Nowadays, IFI and TTFM are the most commonly used systems among the available techniques for graft quality assessment.
The patient subsequently underwent open nasoseptorhinoplasty with a caudal septal extension graft, V-Y columellar lengthening, spreader grafting, and a combined dorsal strut/shield graft using costal cartilage.
London, June 25 ( ANI ): University of Pittsburgh has developed a cell-free, biodegradable artery graft that will revolutionise coronary artery bypass surgeries.
The highest callusing rates were observed in whip graft type in both Alphonse Lavallee (3.
PHILADELPHIA - Women who become pregnant after receiving a transplanted liver face an elevated risk of graft rejection, especially during or immediately following the pregnancy, based on a review of 161 U.
Lam's expertise, and explained that in a similar fashion to a transplanted hair graft, fat grafts change metabolically over time as the blood supply to the graft improves.