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graft (something) on

To connect or join two things, typically living things (such as plants or human tissue). Can the burn doctor really graft healthy skin cells on?
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graft (something) onto (something)

To connect or join two things, typically living things (such as plants or human tissue). Can the doctor really graft healthy skin cells onto that burned area?
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graft away

To work laboriously on something. Primarily heard in UK. Sean's really been grafting away on his term paper—I hope he gets an A. If you really graft away, you might be able to get this house cleaned in a couple hours, but geez, it'll be a lot of work.
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graft something on(to) something

 and graft something on
to splice a living part onto another living part. The gardener grafted a red rose onto the stem of another species. The gardener grafted on a red rose.
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Then few pieces of gelfoam were put in middle ear to create bed for perichondrial graft. After placing the graft over the bed, the graft was easily spread medial to the remnants of TM such that no space was left between TM and canal wall.
Table-III: Comparison of changes in ABG, p-values and graft success rate of current study with other studies.
Referring to Figure 4 and Table 2, the thermal stability of the Cts.met and its graft copolymers are lower than chitosan.
To quantitatively describe the change of crystal structure of PSA fibers after graft, the contribution from amorphous polyacrylic acid was subtracted, and the crystallinity of AA-grafted PSA fibers was calculated based on the peak area of crystal peaks and amorphous phase of PSA fibers, as shown in Fig.
Postoperative medical therapy is effective for maintaining graft patency after CABG in both SIMA and BIMA patients.
This is a characteristic of graft incompatibility, which contributes to poor vascular connection with poor connecting sieve tubes, cambium and xylem in the heterograft Cucumis/Cucurbita (Salehi et al., 2008).
In present study we assess the patency of arterial and venous graft in patients who presented with recurrent chest pain.
Post-coarctation graft complication includes pseudoaneurysm, true aneurysm, late graft rupture, fistulization, and graft stenosis.
Grafting can actually be thought of as creating two separate pattern rows: one on the front needle and one on the back needle (even though the grafted row is a single row).
The european Rocha and Abbe Fetel pear cultivars grafted on to the quince EMC rootstock exhibited greater vigor according to the section increment (mm) in the cultivar's trunk at the graft union region and the section increment (mm) in the rootstocks trunk at the graft union region, because partial tissue continuity existed in the graft union region between the cultivars and rootstocks.
Some other pros of opting for a full thickness graft are that better cosmesis can be achieved in certain cases, and the donor site can be sutured, allowing for quicker healing with less downtime.
The HeRO graft is an option for those who have exhausted or failing AV fistulas or AV grafts due to central vein stenosis or venous outflow obstruction, are catheter-dependent, or are approaching catheter dependency (Dinwiddie, 2009).
Given the simple conditions needed for a successful graft and the amount of time that grafting has been practiced (going as far back as 1000 B.C.
WEDNESDAY, June 6, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- Compared to saphenous-vein grafts, radial-artery grafts are associated with a lower rate of adverse cardiac events at five-year follow-up in coronary-artery bypass grafting (CABG) patients, according to research published in the May 31 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.