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Christmas graduate

A college or university student who discontinues their education after the end of the first term (i.e., around Christmastime). Primarily heard in US, South Africa. While I firmly believe in the importance of continued education, there are always a few Christmas graduates each year for whom college is just not well suited.
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graduate from (something)

1. To complete one's studies in a particular school or program. I can't believe we're about to graduate from college—how did four years go by that quickly? I graduate from my doctoral program in May.
2. To advance to a higher rank. At the end of the summer, I'll graduate from being a junior counselor to being a regular camp counselor.
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graduate in (something)

To complete one's studies in a particular subject. It took six years, but I finally graduated in biology.
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graduate with (something)

To complete one's studies in a particular school or program, resulting in the awarding of a particular degree or status. It took six years, but I finally graduated with a degree in biology. Of course Haley graduated with highest honors—she's always been a great student.
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graduate (in something) (with something)

to earn a degree in some subject with honors, etc. I graduated in math with highest honors. Sharon graduated with honors in medicine.

graduate (in something) (with something)

to earn a degree in some subject with honors, etc. I graduated in math with highest honors. Sharon graduated with honors in medicine.

graduate from

1. To move up from one position, rank, or level, to a higher one: That year, the athletes graduated from amateur to professional status in the competition.
2. To complete the academic requirements of some institution, usually receiving an academic degree: I graduated from college with a degree in history.
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graduate in

To complete the requirements of an institution and receive an academic degree in some subject: I graduated in mathematics from the local community college.
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graduate with

To complete the academic requirements of an institution for something, especially a degree or an honor: I graduated with a degree in mathematics. Few students graduated with honors this year.
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1. n. a person experienced in life, especially sexually experienced. Britney is a graduate. Nothing is new to her.
2. (ˈgrædʒuet) in. to move from casual drug use to addiction. (Drugs.) Gert graduated to smack after only a year of skin-popping.
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Cranston, of West Boylston, graduated from Worcester State College with a bachelor of science degree.
When looking at the number of Ohio residents that graduated from any undergraduate institution in 2000, be it in state or out of state, an even higher percentage (23 percent) reported attending graduate school within one year of graduation.
Following up on the referrals (which often lead to further referrals), the authors interviewed 24 different referrals separately and in small groups to obtain an accurate picture of the status of each of these students on the date the cohort graduated. This process was continued until the records of all but 10 of the 451 students were located, and their status on the day of graduation and the dates of any transfer or withdrawal were confirmed.
The survey shows only 65.6% of college students who graduated last spring have managed to get a job.
Analysis of the new data shows that the two goals of the incoming students have been achieved by the majority of those who have graduated. They have higher median earnings and lower unemployment rates.
In Link,(13) the taxpayer graduated from Cornell University in May 1981 and began full-time employment as a market researcher in June 1981.
Included were data on three groups: (1) persons not known to have a degree, including those who were accepted but declined to attend and those who attended but withdrew without receiving a degree; (2) those who graduated with sub-Bachelor degrees; and (3) Bachelor degree graduates.
The purpose of this study is to understand how recent college graduates are faring in the workforce, specifically looking at those individuals who graduated before and during the difficult labor market caused by the Great Recession.
Around one in 12 (8.5%) of those who graduated in 2010, some 19,785 in total, were still without a job six months later, down from 8.9% in 2009, according to the Higher Education Careers Service Unit (HECSU).
Maki graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Game Development and Programming
Students can now apply for the 2010 vacancies if they have already graduated or if they are soon to start their final year.
Andy and Peter graduated from Newcastle University in information systems and both did not want to follow a traditional graduate career path, opting instead to develop their own business.
One way to advocate these educational needs is by providing feedback to the colleges or universities from which they graduated. Many graduate programs seek input from their alumni for the purpose of improving their programs.
Barclays found men were earning an average of pounds 13,505 compared with pounds 12,176 for woman who graduated at the same time.
Findings from the survey, which was conducted in September 2011, reflect data contributed by 963 men and women who graduated in the Class of 2011 from graduate management programs worldwide.
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