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All of the Graduate Scholars previously received highly competitive Cooke Foundation undergraduate scholarships, nine through the College Scholarship Program for undergraduates and 30 through the Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship for community college students who seek bachelor degrees.
Andy and Peter graduated from Newcastle University in information systems and both did not want to follow a traditional graduate career path, opting instead to develop their own business.
Sarah Cusworth, an MSc in Applied Psychology graduate from the UK, living in Malaysia
THOUSANDS of graduates are still struggling to find work, despite a drop in unemployment among university leavers, research suggests.
Graduate University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences
Recent college graduates looking for an excuse to delay working one last summer may be out of luck this year.
A recent survey of program graduates showed that "learning new skills" had a significant impact on their experience and influenced their applying to the CDP program.
Access Group, a nonprofit graduate loan specialist, is dedicated to providing students with access to affordable financing.
Learn more and see why MCNY's graduate degree offerings are becoming a popular choice for students from around the world.
My institution offers both undergraduate and graduate cooperative education courses and internships.
These phrases become the justification for shipping technically lackluster graduates to the field.
Most agrimarketers have some familiarity with the statistics behind market research, but we still see growth in this area among graduates.
Most people do not want to graduate because they say, once you graduate, there is no business," said Alderman William M.
Coward is a graduate of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.
As someone who has gone through a fairly rigorous series of graduate programs, including a doctoral course of study .
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