gracious plenty

(a) gracious plenty

 and an elegant sufficiency
Euph. enough (food). No more, thanks. I have a gracious plenty on my plate. At Thanksgiving, we always have an elegant sufficiency and are mighty thankful for it.
See also: gracious, plenty
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Eventually the garden will be blessed with a gracious plenty of Lenten roses to transplant or to share with friends.
There is verisimilitude with his gracious plenty of specific information about state law and local practice of another era (such as the jury pool being drawn from a hat by a small child who certifiably could not read or write).
And while there are a gracious plenty of new technologies to help improve yield--many of which I've written about--there is also a less well-known and not-so-new printing machine feature that is very handy, particularly as aperture dimensions continue to shrink.
This remains relevant for a gracious plenty of today's mainstream applications.
A Gracious Plenty, Recipes and Recollections from the American South,'' by John T.
Following Wednesday's across-the-card treble, he produced a tap-in with 1-14 shot Gracious Plenty in the 10-furlong maiden.
Though gloom and doom headlines abound, there have also been a gracious plenty of news stories that call attention to solar's advances toward an affordable alternative to traditional energy sources.
Aside from these examples, there are a gracious plenty of options that can be selected for the most cost-effective understencil cleaning process.