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"If Lady Grace's mare is a hunter," the Prince remarked, "she can probably jump them."
There was a day at Mukden--I do not like to talk of it, but it comes back to me--when I rode twelve different horses in twenty-four hours, but perhaps," he added, turning to Lady Grace, "you would not care to trust your horse with one who is a stranger to your--what is it you call them?--steeplechases."
"On the contrary, Prince," Lady Grace exclaimed, "you shall ride her, and I am going to back you for all I am worth."
If you take my advice, Lady Grace, you will get out of it.
"I am perfectly content to take my risks," Lady Grace answered confidently.
Mercy could just see the letter-case as Grace held it up in the deepening obscurity of the room.
Grace turned in her chair, and looked wonderingly into the dim corner of the room.
Grace rose impulsively, and drawing her chair after her, approached the nurse.
"Are we not friends?" Grace asked, in astonishment.
``I had better pass to his lodgings,'' said De Bracy, ``and make him fully aware of your Grace's pleasure; for, as it quite escaped my ear, it may not perchance have reached that of Waldemar.''
``Let your grace never trust me else,'' answered the master of the spies.
"One more question, your Grace. I understand that you wrote to your son upon the day when this incident occurred."
"His Grace is not in the habit of posting letters himself," said he.
We were ushered through the magnificent Elizabethan doorway and into his Grace's study.
"You have come to see his Grace. I am sorry, but the fact is that the Duke is far from well.