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On the contrary, Prince," Lady Grace exclaimed, "you shall ride her, and I am going to back you for all I am worth.
If you take my advice, Lady Grace, you will get out of it.
I am perfectly content to take my risks," Lady Grace answered confidently.
I am afraid," she answered, "that I agree with Grace.
Your mare understands Japanese, Lady Grace," the Prince answered, smiling.
Do you know, Grace, I believe, I really believe he'll ride her
You've won your money, Grace," the Duke declared, shutting up his glass.
Lady Grace went up to the Prince with outstretched hands.
The fact is, your Grace," said he, "that my colleague, Dr.
His Grace sat very stern and upright in his chair and looked stonily at my friend.
And now, your Grace, I'll trouble you for that check.
I fear, your Grace, that matters can hardly be arranged so easily.
I must take the view, your Grace, that when a man embarks upon a crime, he is morally guilty of any other crime which may spring from it.
I am disposed to help your Grace to the best of my ability, but, in order to do so, I must understand to the last detail how the matter stands.
Your Grace can hardly have heard of any small reputation which I possess, or you would not imagine that it is so easy to escape me.