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(as) graceful as a swan

Very graceful or agile. That ballerina is as graceful as a swan when she moves across the stage. A: "Oops, did I knock that over?" B: "Yep. You know, you're not exactly graceful as a swan, buddy."
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*graceful as a swan

very graceful. (*Also: as ∼.) The boat glided out onto the lake as graceful as a swan. Jane is graceful as a swan.
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The daughter of Make Believe dead-heated with Graceful Magic at Newmarket last month and is thriving for trainer Mark Johnston.
All women, be they mothers, sisters, daughters and wives are humbly and sincerely requested to ensure they are decently and nicely dressed when stepping out of their homes thus drawing greater respect, honour and looking graceful and respectable.
New Delhi [India], November 20 ( ANI ): Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on Monday called Manushi Chhillar "beautiful, smart and uncommonly gracious" for her graceful response to his 'Chhillar' tweet, wherein he compared the surname of the newly crowned Miss World to 'loose change'.
Just merely looking at ballet performances may encourage you to try the dancing so you can also have that graceful and flexible body.
"Victory's Road: A Graceful Drive Through Life's Obstacles" tells the story of life as a winding road, where the journey holds more answers than the destination.
Here's a graceful, farmhouse-influenced design with lots of extras.
Tobias Batley is graceful yet powerful as the rich, attractive and mysterious Jay Gatsby while the inquisitive and innocent Nick Carraway is acted and danced perfectly by Giuliano Contadini.
The concept of graceful labeling was first introduced by Rosa[4] in 1967.
The Chinese Year of the Dragon burst forth in colorful and exciting dances, beautiful and lively instrumental music, and graceful artwork as the Shanxi University Art Delegation performed at the Dennis A.
The concept of graceful labeling was introduced by Rosa [3] in 1967.
Graceful Descent bolted up on her latest appearance at Ayr and should follow up in the Weatherbys Bloodstock Insurance Willie Park Trophy Handicap at Musselburgh.
Graceful Descent is on a career-high mark now, of course, but she does not know how to run a bad race and looks certain to make her presence felt once again.
GRACEFUL DESCENT, an in-form mare from an in-form stable, is napped to continue her run at Hamilton.
ICE skating is a nimble, graceful and highly elegant sport.