grace with (something)

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grace with (something)

1. To bring renown or cachet to something, often by one's mere presence. Often used sarcastically. A noun or pronoun can be used between "grace" and "with." If that famous professor graces us with his presence, the local news will definitely want to cover our event. Do you think Sara will grace us with her presence today? It's already one in the afternoon.
2. To embellish or ornament something with something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "grace" and "with." The artisan graced that frame with a fine gold leaf.
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grace something with something

Fig. to adorn something or some place with something, especially a person's presence. The lovely lady graced our home with her presence. The stage was graced with flowers and a few palm trees.
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graced with something

made elegant by means of some ornament or decoration. The altar was graced with lovely white flowers. The end of the beautiful day was graced with a beautiful sunset.
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grace with

1. To lend honor or prestige to someone or some event. Used chiefly in the passive: We were graced with high praise from our superiors. The ambassadors kindly joined the reception and graced it with their presence.
2. To decorate, adorn, or benefit something by means of some added feature. Used chiefly in the passive: The living room of this house is graced with a large fireplace.
3. To decorate, adorn, or benefit something: The caterer finished setting the table and graced it with candles.
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After a weekend of hot albeit not that sunny weather, a thunderstorm has decided to grace us with its presence.
'We are humbled as the prison's service that you took time out of your busy schedule to come and grace us with your presence here at prison during this festive season.
Several other United stars from yesteryear such as Stewart Barrowclough, Alan Foggon, Dave Hilley, Geoff Allen, Tommy Craig, and Ron Guthrie will also grace us with their presence.
Although these people are not here anymore to grace us with their presence on film, stage or the sporting arena, these celebrities have left us with plenty of golden moments and memorable quotes to remember them by. 
He commented: "Oh Wilkin316, how will I ever survive if you never grace us with your loathing hateful presence again?
during the your full IT'S absurd that the mighty president of the United States, Donald Trump, rates himself so highly that he has called on Prime Minister Theresa May to "fix it" for him to get a warm welcome if he decides to grace us with his presence.
Yes, this will probably always be true, but let us pray that in this day and time, God will grace us with the dedication and study needed to be the recipients and catalysts of an operation of grace in the mouths and hearts of the preachers and the ears and hearts of the listeners.
With this in mind, we hope that you will surely grace us with your presence and with your words of wisdom to guide us towards spirituality.
C N R Rao-Bharat Ratna Awardee, Satyajt Bhatkal-Creator of Satyamev Jayate, Vinita Bali-CEO and MD, Britannia Industries,Elizabeth Nyamayaro- Senior Advisor, United Nations Women will grace us with their presence.
Dare I ask why, when we don't expend a tiny fraction of the cost to protect our own Royal Family when they grace us with a visit?
We are in need of schools instructing people in the spirit of citizenship far from sectarian confessionalism and we beseech the Almighty One to grace us with citizenship, all-giving ability and the acknowledgment of the other in full recognition of one's dignity and freedom, Awdeh concluded.
A month to the day before he was due to grace us with his arrival, and after two Christmas parties and some spicy chicken at Nando's, I found myself at 3am, clock watching every three minutes, wondering why I was getting pains.
Before we asked the Court to grace us with their presence this evening, I was concerned that Professor B.
Event director Jinanda Sheth said: "We are honoured that HH Sheikh Nahayan will grace us with his presence and insight.