grab (the) headlines

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grab (the) headlines

To be featured in the headlines of news articles, as due to being particularly newsworthy, important, popular, fashionable, etc. It may not be so tremendous as to grab the headlines, but this small change in immigration law could have a huge impact on foreign workers. The pop star grabbed headlines yesterday after his latest run-in with police.
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grab the headlines


grab headlines

If someone or something grabs the headlines or grabs headlines, they get a lot of attention in the newspapers, on TV, etc. He is not among the players who have been grabbing the headlines this season. His visit to the US is bound to grab headlines.
See also: grab, headline
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LIAM HEARD is not a jockey who grabs the headlines, but he completed an 89-1 across-the-card double yesterday after following up his success on Laura Young's Tail Of The Bank in the opener at Newbury with victory aboard 5-1 chance Line Artic in the novice handicap chase at Kempton.
EVERTON'S Shareholders Association rarely grabs the headlines - unless it's for night of the long knives style revolutions.
6 Mutli-touch grabs the headlines. Multi-touch could be the biggest advance in interface technology since the mouse first scuttled into view.
TOMS THE BEST grabs the headlines today but there is reflected glory for his sire Frightful Flash whose owner Michael Dunne made a heavy investment in bringing him over from Australia.