grab (the) headlines

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grab (the) headlines

To be featured in the headlines of news articles, as due to being particularly newsworthy, important, popular, fashionable, etc. It may not be so tremendous as to grab the headlines, but this small change in immigration law could have a huge impact on foreign workers. The pop star grabbed headlines yesterday after his latest run-in with police.
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grab the headlines


grab headlines

If someone or something grabs the headlines or grabs headlines, they get a lot of attention in the newspapers, on TV, etc. He is not among the players who have been grabbing the headlines this season. His visit to the US is bound to grab headlines.
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The day started with Perez being notified he'd been axed from the starting line-up but he ended the day covered in glory after grabbing the headlines with a headed winner at the Gallowgate End.
GRABBING the headlines as well as rising in the markets have been the pharmaceutical companies.
THERE'S only one man grabbing the headlines at Anfield right now, but another player's form has been quietly impressive over the past few weeks.
I am a longtime subscriber and I would like to see the majority of Catholics represented on your front page stories instead of the less than 20 percent of the Catholic population--the clergy--always grabbing the headlines. Perhaps these stories need to be told, but can't they take the back pages and give precedence to Catholic laypersons, which include the sisters who are holding church congregations together?
With the top TV talent show still grabbing the headlines we've dropped past winners Joe McElderry, Alexandra Burke, Leona Lewis, Steve Brookstein and Leon Jackson in the crowd.
Summary: International Susan Boyle fever has helped to ensure this year's Britain's Got Talent keeps grabbing the headlines.
Kevin Leadbetter set the standard early on scoring 52 points in his first two matches, but even he has been put in the shade of late as centre Mark Sibson, Gareth Riley, along with brother Andrew have been grabbing the headlines with their try-scoring exploits.
SCOTLAND Under-21 keeper Jamie MacDonald could be handed the gloves at Tynecastle next season - after grabbing the headlines on Queen of the South's cup run.
We need more female jockeys grabbing the headlines. She and Hayley Turner may just make 2008 a year of girl power in racing.
Synopsis: Election-related violence ahead of Monday's midterm ballot in the Philippines may be grabbing the headlines, but concerns about poverty and the country's economic future are crucial to the rest of the story.
However, grabbing the headlines back at home on an increasingly regular basis does have its drawbacks, according to Murray.
Grabbing the headlines in his homeland once again is former Germany striker and manager Rudi Voeller.
Yet it is precisely because the plight of fathers in child welfare cases is so often overlooked by the courts that Fathers 4 Justice feels it can only get its message over by grabbing the headlines. Surely it is time for both sides to get together and hold sensible discussions.
COMMUNITY groups in North Warwickshire are to be given a lesson in grabbing the headlines.
The Edinburgh-born Top of the Pops host is better known for grabbing the headlines by wearing very little, but decided to dress down to present 16-year-old Emily Crump with a design award in London.