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CDA is fully coordinating with the QAU for the demarcation of land so the university with the help of the CDA and police could get its land cleared from land grabbers,' he said.
Javed Bhatti, local land grabber in collaboration with ASI Tariq has illegally occupied the land of local resident Allah Ditta near Gulberg Housing Society.
Any grabber who wants to take over the land is dreaming.
At the first phase of the drive, the public-land belonging to the Irrigation Department district would be got vacated from the illegal occupation of the land grabber mafia.
Putting 20 years of developments like Road Runner--and many more years of machine vision--in perspective, author Winn Hardin at the Automated Imaging Association website penned an appreciation, titled "High-Speed Imaging Advances Mean Frame Grabbers Are Here to Stay.
The incumbent provincial government was committed to take back the land from the encroachers and grabbers without any political pressure and in this regard the so far the district administration retrieved 120 Kanals of land from the land grabbers from different parts of the district.
In the statement the army's spokesman pointed out that, as a professional military officer, General Thomas Cirilo does not receive directives from his community to confront land grabbers who had threatened indigenous people in the area.
The government machinery was moved to demolish the construction work of the grabbers under the supervision of the police.
Police arrested the land grabbers who were resisting the municipality's attempt to reclaim government land and had assaulted the eviction officials.
Seven vehicles were equipped with General Grabber AT all-terrain tyres, while the convoy leader's vehicle featured the heavy duty Grabber MT mud-terrain tyres--all of which performed impeccably in the extremely diverse range of conditions over a total distance of 5,180 km.
The commission is of no use because illegal occupants of lands are members of it," he alleged, claiming the government was putting pressure on the commission not to expose land grabbers.
Karachi, Feb 20 ( ANI ): One of the oldest Hindu temples in Karachi is finally being renovated after its management battled with land grabbers to regain partial control of its property.
Pakistan, July 18 -- 80 acres of land recovered, six land grabbers arrested
In fact, DVI2USB has many benefits over the other external USB frame grabbers such as the VGA2USB LR.
With the recent spate of school and mall shootings, that's all the gun grabbers have to see.