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goober grabber

slang Someone who harvests peanuts, particularly in the Southern US. "Goober" is another name for a peanut, particularly in the Southern US. Did you really grow up as a goober-grabber on a farm in Georgia?
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n. someone who picks peanuts. (Typically someone native to Georgia where peanuts are grown. From guber. Forced and contrived.) One of the local goober-grabbers took us to a peanut boil.
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Caption: Aon-CXP single-link CoaXPress frame grabber
Henry contracted Miami, Florida-based product management services leader Innovation Direct[TM] to represent the Leaf & Debris Grabber to potential licensees for a 2 year period.
Position the rail grabber assembly knob on the left side of the machine gun.
The Heat Treat Foot Care insole by Grabber Mycoal will be produced in a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility--which is said to be the only one of its kind in the world-with full production slated to begin this summer.
Software programmable input timing and spatial resolution enable the DT3162 frame grabber to work with any video source, including standard RS-170/CCIR, slow-scan, large format and progressive-scan cameras.
As a member of the I-Series of frame grabbers and video streamers, I-Color is supported by IDEA (Imaging Development Environment for Applications) software development kit.
MIRPUR -- Mirpur divisional authorities have decided to initiate stringent action against the land grabbers.
The credible sources have disclosed that Federal Capital administration including SP City, Assistant Commissioner have alleged taken heavy amount from land grabbers and then took action against widow.
BitFlow is proud to work with the Purdue team as it develops the next generation of ultrahigh-speed transportation, especially because they are relying on BitFlow frame grabbers and software development kits along with technical support from our engineers," said Donal Waide, director of sales and marketing for BitFlow.
356 had as a lead news headline 'Interior Ministry Orders Arrest of Land Grabbers and Associates in Juba'.
AV CD Grabber will impress you with its simple appearance and clear operation.
New Music Grabber - your one stop shop to revisiting thousands of your treasured music collections.
The kit includes two Micro SMD Grabber test clips, two Mini SMD Grabber test clips, two clip leads for Micro SMD Grabbers, bench-top DMM Modular test leads, multi-stacking 2 mm safety-sheathed patch cords, two SMD test probes with sharp, sprint-mounted tips, two 4 mm banana plug to 2 mm sheathed banana jack adapters, two mini-alligator clips with 2 mm jacks and a large folding pouch for easy storage and access.
No handguard, leaf sight/rail grabber assembly that mounts on the M4 or M5 adapter rail system, carrying handle mounted quadrant sight, and mounting hardware (quick-release bracket)