grab (someone or something) by the throat

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grab (someone or something) by the throat

1. To capture and hold someone's attention or emotions. Likened to physically holding someone's throat to subdue them. Susie is a great writer, so her new mystery novel should grab you by the throat. When I realized that my friend had copied my test answers, anger grabbed me by the throat.
2. To assertively take control of a situation or task; to take charge of something. You've really got to grab this internship by the throat if you want to get the most out of it.
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grab someone by the throat

If something grabs you by the throat, it is so powerful, interesting, or exciting that you are forced to pay attention to it. There is something about Las Vegas that grabs you by the throat. This film still has the power to grab you by the throat.
See also: by, grab, someone, throat

grab someone/something by the throat


take someone/something by the throat

If you grab someone or something by the throat or take them by the throat, you make a determined attempt to control, defeat, or deal with them. Instead of being passive, you must get out there and grab life by the throat. Gloucestershire took the game by the throat from the start. Note: If you are succeeding in dealing with someone or something, you say that you have them by the throat. He has his enemy by the throat and he is not about to let go.
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Then he just grabbed me by the throat and basically threw me on to the floor and landed on top of me, put both hands around my neck, pinning me down."
"He grabbed me by the throat. I know he's just been beaten in a derby but that is wrong.
"As soon as I had turned my back on them one of the girls leapt over the fence and grabbed me by the throat.
"I pulled a player towards the advertising hoarding, and some bloke grabbed me by the throat and pulled me back over the rail," said Johns.