grab (the) headlines

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grab (the) headlines

To be featured in the headlines of news articles, as due to being particularly newsworthy, important, popular, fashionable, etc. It may not be so tremendous as to grab the headlines, but this small change in immigration law could have a huge impact on foreign workers. The pop star grabbed headlines yesterday after his latest run-in with police.
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grab the headlines


grab headlines

If someone or something grabs the headlines or grabs headlines, they get a lot of attention in the newspapers, on TV, etc. He is not among the players who have been grabbing the headlines this season. His visit to the US is bound to grab headlines.
See also: grab, headline
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Vietjet Air first grabbed headlines in 2011 when it began advertising bikini-clad flight attendants on its flights to boost sales for the fledgling low-cost airline.
Summary: New Delhi [India], November 16 (ANI): Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday exhorted media to question Prime Minister Narendra Modi in connection with Centre's alleged involvement in corruption cases particularly the Rafale deal which grabbed headlines yesterday.
After leaving the board of the L'Oreal company in 2012, her public appearances reduced to a large extent, but grabbed headlines after members of her team were charged with exploiting her as her mental health deteriorated.
Insurers in China grabbed headlines for using leveraged money to acquire stock in listed companies, triggering sharp volatility in the market at the end of 2016.
Iceland grabbed headlines for their efforts at Euro 2016.
Along with 40 million records sold between the band's six albums and two solo projects, the star's personal life has also grabbed headlines.
THE boundary stand- off may have grabbed headlines in India, but across the border it was the rare sight of China's first couple appearing relaxed on a traditional Indian swing that got all the attention.
Two cases of young Canadian men who died in hostilities in Syria recently grabbed headlines.
Barkley, 19, grabbed headlines with his first Everton goal against Norwich on Saturday, and even prompted Jamie Carragher to predict he could one day replace the England skipper on the international scene.
The flamboyant left-handed batsman criticised News Limited journalists Robert Craddock and Malcolm Conn in an expletive-filled tirade, which grabbed headlines in Australia.
While neighbours Mowden Park have grabbed headlines with their move to The Arena, Darlington have landed a big game.
The movie has grabbed headlines since its inception and recently it has been announced that the wardrobe of the cast will go for a charity.
PNNOn Tuesday morning, as the much-hyped Shalit prisoner swap grabbed headlines, the Israeli army arrested Dmitri Dalyani, a member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council.
Summary: Two events in Syria have grabbed headlines in the last two days.
The other, a duplex at the Pierre Hotel once listed for $50 million, grabbed headlines for years as Pincus' sons battled over its control with Princess Firyal of Jordan, their father's longtime companion.