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Young made the first and missed the second, but Barnes grabbed the rebound, was fouled and sank both free throws to put UCLA ahead by six and seal the victory.
William Seals had 15 points, Ryan Hicks added 14, and Josh Rosenfield grabbed a game-high 11 rebounds for the Highlanders.
In a statement on Monday, the airline said it was the leading carrier for the third month in-a-row to serve the Kuwait-Amman route in June 2013, of which it grabbed a 45 per cent market share.
Former club physio Parry's men grabbed a killer second in the 35th minute when on-loan Watford striker marvin sordell collected a fine pass from John Welsh and fired into the net from 25 yards.
Jon Wilkin also grabbed his second with Paul Sculthorpe crossing in the corner.
Holly Smith, who was 18 at the time of the incident, said the Liverpool and Wales striker grabbed her when she challenged him for calling her friend Sophie Palmer fat.
He said head Catherine Taylor walked up to him, grabbed his privates and hurt him.
This one boy and I were running toward the ball, and we both grabbed it at the same time and slid together into this huge mud puddle.
That's when Schori burst onto the balcony, grabbed Mireles by his gun belt and hauled both him and the distraught woman back to safety.
If Dixon had come up for the shot from the side and grabbed the rim closer to the backboard, the glass wouldn't have shattered," explains Brancazio.
Beams, particularly vertical beams, can now be grabbed with a simple rotation of the attachment.
They took the lead in 20 minutes when Moray Leask raced clear and grabbed the first goal.
A female doesn't emit this release call when grabbed, so a male holds on for hours, sometimes days.
The stock was the leader on the SPX when we grabbed our figures, up more than 15 percent.
If there are Shilluk lands grabbed by the Nuer and Dinka, the governor has a responsibility to correct the injustice.