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The NLC boss said that parcels belonging to the National Youth Service, Prisons department, Kenya Ports Authority and Kenya Maritime Authority that had been grabbed in various parts of the country must be returned.
The spokesman said that the grabbers have no legal document or any written evidence in support of their claim of ownership of the grabbed land and they started staging protest demonstration and levelling false allegations to university management aimed to pressurise the administration and Police.
Jazeera Airways also grabbed the leading market share of 45 per cent on the Kuwait-Beirut route.
Jonathan Tehoue grabbed a goal for orient in the 86th minute with a low shot from 12 yards, but it was too little too late as rovers grabbed much-needed points.
Bolu Fagborun and Eric Andrews grabbed consolation scores for the visitors but Saints had the last word with Maurie Fa'asavalu bustling over and Wilkin completing his hattrick.
One day, I was running late so I quickly grabbed my books and ran out the door.
About 210 acres land of the top ranked educational institution of Pakistan, the Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU), has been grabbed by the some locals and politicians.
If he was not informed let me inform him that the name of the area is called Hai Nyakama meaning Grabbed Residential Area (GRA).
In a playoff game last year, Jets tailback Curtis Martin was just breaking into open space when Chargers linebacker Steve Foley launched himself in the air, grabbed Martin by the collar and pulled him down.
Tumbling monkeys or grabbed bananas will end the bonus round.
In a statement, the SBCA pointed out that the plots which are reserved for parks, marriage halls, primary schools and public buildings are being illegally grabbed by land mafia.
Shopping fever hit Hollywood before the rocking MTV Awards as stars grabbed free goodies at the Style Lounge in Hollywood and the Silver Spoon Buffet in Beverly Hills.
LANCASTER - A 7-year-old girl escaped from a 66-year-old woman who grabbed the youngster as she played in front of her home, deputies said Tuesday.
Two hours later, another Beverly Hills woman in her early twenties told police a man grabbed her from behind and attempted to pull her into his car, police said Tuesday.