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The former Steelmen skipper hit Wilson on the head before lunging forward and trying to grab hold of the steering wheel.
Concert goers managed to grab hold of the suspected gunman, 45-year-old Michael Dinamling, a member of the town's public order and safety committee (POSC), who was wielding a loaded .
POLICE have warned Meltham residents to be vigilant after a man in his 50s tried to grab hold of a woman.
Then grab hold of it and pull it off the top plate.
JUMPING FOR JOY: Alyson Wren on Binley Road SNATCH AND GRAB: The youngsters approach the torchbearer (left), grab hold of the torch (centre) and then have it wrestled from them.
Mr Morris was able to grab hold of the burglar's high visibility jacket aswell as his balaclava.
They began to speak and Ashley, 17, reached out to grab hold of his father to stop him slipping away.
He said: "I tried to grab hold of something but I couldn't.
Try delivering this line with a straight face: "The last time I was late a fireman had to climb out of my bedroom window and risk his life on a narrow ledge trying to grab hold of my pussy.
In "The Secret Life of Snapping Turtles," in the January/February issue, the author states, "If you must pick one up, grab hold of the carapace behind the head with one hand and hold the rear of the carapace above the tail with the other.
Mr Hillstead said when he went to grab hold of his leg again the man threatened to stab him.
She tried to grab hold of her belly board and get back on but in her panic she began splashing which pushed the board further away.
The last time the menorah was vandalized they had to grab hold of the metal candles and bend them down, which required effort.
But former Wales Union and League centre John Devereux said there were benefits to it being tighter, including making the shirts harder to grab hold of.
When we tried to grab hold of it, it tried t o wriggle back down into the inner wing of the car.