grab (the) headlines

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grab (the) headlines

To be featured in the headlines of news articles, as due to being particularly newsworthy, important, popular, fashionable, etc. It may not be so tremendous as to grab the headlines, but this small change in immigration law could have a huge impact on foreign workers. The pop star grabbed headlines yesterday after his latest run-in with police.
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grab the headlines


grab headlines

If someone or something grabs the headlines or grabs headlines, they get a lot of attention in the newspapers, on TV, etc. He is not among the players who have been grabbing the headlines this season. His visit to the US is bound to grab headlines.
See also: grab, headline
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We only seem to hear from Barry when he's attempting to grab headlines.
Of course it was a deliberate ploy to grab headlines and sponsorship, which they did, but not from the kind of firms they had probably been trying to interest.
Neymar will always grab headlines out here as the star of the show but for me the Chelsea man (right) was their most effective player.
Our housing stock is a national scandal and Mr Davey's short-sighted attempt to grab headlines by delaying insulation schemes will only prolong the problem.
Once among the leading Chinese language program makers in Asia, Hong Kong broadcasters now grab headlines more for their internecine and political battles than for the quality of their content.
These are not "sexy" issues, that will grab headlines and bring instant glory to those who promote them.
Summary: The declaration that branches of Al-Qaeda in Iraq and Syria have "merged" is sure to grab headlines and the attention of policymakers in a number of countries that claim they're concerned with conditions in the Middle East.
That's how fried butter and other wacky offerings grab headlines and have brief heydays at county fairs and such.
Such tragic incidents are terrible and grab headlines, but they are isolated.
The deputy first minister and health secretary had been hoping to grab headlines with a promise to press ahead with government plans to abolish prescription charges from next April.
He said that Some elements are waging a propaganda against the government and some politicians are using public development projects to grab headlines.
This year's tremblers tended to grab headlines because of their location.
But Justice Secretary Jack Straw insisted that a vast amount was being done to counter the problem, and accused the Tories of resorting to "cheap propaganda" to grab headlines.
According to Confidential, sources close to the singer revealed that involvement of some of 34-year-old Imbruglia's British celebrity friends in her latest video clip, caps off a run of stunts designed to grab headlines and propel her to new heights.
How anyone could think I would pretend to split up from my wife to grab headlines is beyond me.