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Grab Bags are currently being sent around the world and are being used in the field hospitals in Cyprus and Kenya, Canada and Germany, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham and the Ministry of Defence Hospital Units in Plymouth, Portsmouth, Frimley Park Hospital in Camberley, Medical Centre ITC Catterick Garrison and MDHU Northallerton.
The fourth part, on Greenstone-Gneiss Belt Magmatism, highlights a grab bag of small but high-grade PGE occurrences.
Although theorists have proposed a grab bag of ideas, no one has found a convincing source of such energy.
Furthermore, it is extremely unlikely that this grab bag will share the same hardware or infrastructure any time soon.
There are several categories for submissions including letters, world word, field trip, and grab bag.
Headed by Chile's third-richest man, 86-year-old Italian immigrant Anacleto Angelini, AntarChile is a typical Latin American industrial portfolio group, a family-owned (and run) grab bag of investments, some of which lose money and some of which can't make it fast enough.
Firms pursuing the Grab Bag strategy distribute a variety of information types across different channels.
If we use your question, we'll send you a gift from our grab bag of goodies.
Straus opens for readers a grab bag of gimmicks, gadgets, and games from which to draw resources appropriate to every no-talk occasion.
The promotion centers on "Austin's Groovy Grab Bag," a catalogue filled with lava talking T-shirts, coaster sets, Heineken red star neons pint glasses, temporary tattoos, mojo pendants and the Austin Powers video/soundtrack combo set.
The Nikolais bill was a grab bag of the choreographer-musician-designer's tricks with dancers' arms and legs reflected off mirrored horizontal surfaces in Crucible, their bodies encased in tubes of pliant fabric in Noumenon, dancers balancing on metal discs attached to their feet in Kaleido-scope Suite, or sporting spongy arm extensions in "Mantis" from Imago.
Cialdini uses the example of the Tupperware[R] party to illustrate a setting in which most of the compliance principles are used: Reciprocity (games are played and prizes won by the partygoers; anyone who does not win a prize gets to reach into a grab bag for one so that everyone has received a gift from the Tupperware[R] lady before the buying begins); commitment (each participant is urged to describe publicly the uses and benefits he or she has found in the Tupperware[R] already owned); social proof (once the buying begins, each purchase builds the idea that other, similar people want the product; therefore, it must be good); liking (the major seller is the party hostess); and authority (the friend who has organised the party and the Tupperware[R] saleslady herself.
Though the plan became lost in a grab bag tax bill that ultimately deserved a presidential veto, he should know that jobs and prosperity don't come from government, but from new businesses.
Merchandise grab bag with an official Gracie Fight t-shirt, VIP credentials and more;