grab away

grab someone or something away (from someone or something)

to snatch someone or something away from someone or something. Harry's aunt grabbed the dirty candy away from him before he got it in his mouth. I grabbed away the meat from the dog.
See also: away, grab
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But Inter blew two big chances to grab away goals, with Ricky Alvarez and substitute Rodrigo Palacio missing sitters.
For those without long memories, West Ham came from behind to stage a smash and grab away win, and the Hammers manager that night burst with uncontained pride.
As Fritz repeatedly tries to grab away the Nutcracker present from Clara, he is also trying to grab the attention of Drosselmeyer, danced with satisfying mysteriousness by Ranagan.
The cynics have a hard time swallowing the "Do no evil" mantra the company espouses, but despite its dominance on the internet and the inability of companies like Microsoft and Yahoo to grab away significant market, Google is still seen by many as a benevolent company that is working to make the world a better place.
Its competitors, including Cisco, want to use the uncertainty caused by Nortel's bankruptcy as leverage to grab away as many of those customers as they can.
If we can grab away goals it will make it very difficult for Aberdeen in the return leg.
And imports from Mexico have almost tripled over the last decade, suggesting an increasing effort on the part of Mexico to grab away a piece of the Central American-U.
Finally, long distance, which is AT&T's economic mainstay all these years, remains a highly contested business, with competitors like MCI, Sprint and Worldcom all eager to grab away market share where they can.
Within seconds a woman was offering up a decorated bottle of Lambrini light ("just 40 calories per serving") which he had to grab away from a security guard.