grab attention

grab (one's) attention

To attract one's attention. The server still hasn't taken our order—we just can't grab her attention.
See also: attention, grab

grab someone's attention

 and get someone's attention; grip someone's attention
Fig. to draw or attract someone's attention. The bright colors on the poster are there to grab your attention. The scary movie gripped my attention.
See also: attention, grab
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He also maintained that installation of chairlift from Khar to Fort Munro top would also grab attention of local and foreign tourists.
So, it has threatened a war with Pakistan just to grab attention of the world." He added, "The world is well aware of India's utter lies and her atrocities in Kashmir.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Dec 23 (ANI): Hours after Asaduddin Owaisi took a dig at Congress President Rahul Gandhi's temple visit, the party on Saturday said that the AIMIM president makes statements just to grab attention.
Despite being known as the weakest Pokemon, Magikarp still manages to grab attention and even have a song of its own-about how weak and useless it is.
We also saw that humor, with Apple's use of Cookie Monster and Johnsonville's employee-created ad, still has a place in creating an ad that can grab attention and be highly likeable," said Peter Daboll, CEO, Ace Metrix."We have said time and again that high quality ads grab attention and make viewers want to watch them.
The theatre has ann ounced its summer autumn season and the return of the musical hit is set to grab attention.
It's a hard-hitting memoir that won't fail to grab attention and interest, recommended for any general-interest collection as well as holdings strong in autobiography, criminal history, and mental health.
Even though the available quality of the video is rather ordinary, there seems to be enough to grab attention. When it does a zoom in further, the creature is more clearly seen.
THERE'S no denying the overwhelming success of the BMW 3 Series - it accounts for 34% of the company's sales worldwide and, when the German marque announces the arrival of a new model to the line-up, it's bound to grab attention.
Distinctive in a manner such that it offers the opportunity to stand out, and grab attention.
Independent Bloc MP Dr Mahmood Al Mahmood said such announcements were simply made to grab attention.
GetAFollower offer their expertise in getting you quick and quality traffic to your websites that will grab attention of your products and create a brand with recall value.
Questioned by Paul Greaney, representing Dappy, she denied viewing the case as a chance to make money and grab attention.
Each chapter begins with a lecture from Jason's father's college course, and footnotes throughout the book explain ancient histories, but for teens, this will not grab attention. This book will be read only as a required assignment.
Runner beans sunflowers and pumpkins also grab attention.