grab attention

grab someone's attention

 and get someone's attention; grip someone's attention
Fig. to draw or attract someone's attention. The bright colors on the poster are there to grab your attention. The scary movie gripped my attention.
See also: attention, grab
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No links means you have a web-egoist--a business that is wholly concerned to grab attention, and too self-involved to give attention to others.
Video jackets with flat LCD screens, digital videos on top of trucks, and outdoor video projectors are just a few of the products that Burnett uses to grab attention.
Her gentle poise alone would grab attention, but there's more going on here.
Since the scarce resource of a celebrity culture is column inches, these structures have to grab attention with an unusual image that annoys just as it inspires.
The romance and adventure will sweep along most YA readers--and the cover, a b/w photograph of a kissing couple in grey surroundings, will grab attention.
We have tracked the film for the past 12 months, and everybody is delighted that we will once again be at the forefront of a major movie that is sure to grab attention worldwide.
While moral debates on the ethics of fetal and embryonic-stem-cell research grab attention, international, practical, economic and environmental issues of ultimately broader impact on social well-being are being ignored.
Popcorn predicts the media will push the limits to extremes to grab attention because consumers have become desensitized, and advertising will eventually become extinct because many firms will not be able to reinvent themselves.
Give-aways are a good way to grab attention and boost attendance.
The positive use of archival data is only beginning to grab attention, as more organizations discover ways to extract value from knowledge assets.
But while accident photos of subcompacts demolished by hulking SUVs grab attention, has the popularity of SUVs really changed the risks faced by car drivers If it has, then the number of car drivers killed in two-vehicle crashes, as a fraction of all car drivers killed, should have risen dramatically as SUV sales soared.
Clearly, though, the once-stodgy world of fashion advertising has come alive in the past decade, showing a much greater openness toward playing with ideas about sexuality as a way to grab attention for its clients.
In a unique marketing effort to grab attention for its upcoming releases, including ``Daredevil'' and ``X-Men 2,'' 20th Century Fox is attaching free promotional DVDs to popcorn bags sold in several theater chains.
Twenty-six best-selling authors and independent publishing experts will speak on such topics as lucrative internet strategies that drive traffic to your site and sell books; how to generate huge sales before a single copy is printed; selling your self-published book to a trade publisher for big bucks; how to turn book reviewing to your advantage; nontraditional sales channels that smart publishers and authors capitalize on; increasing your income with subsidiary rights deals; and innovative ways to grab attention and develop publicity momentum.
Color display cards and stickers are provided to help grab attention at retail.