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Grab has continuously focused on forming partnerships to explore new and innovative ways to solve Southeast Asia's biggest challenges.
Grab has also expressed interest in becoming a payment-processing service.
Partnering with a fellow innovator and disruptor such as Grab, we are eager to empower commuters in Southeast Asia with the same convenience of hailing a ride seamlessly as paying for their Grab ride with equal ease," said Warren Hayashi, President, APAC, Adyen.
Kenco's Webb says grabs are typically used when material handling calls for more precision, laying pipe for instance.
Operation Manager of Cardiff Catering, Sue Eakers, said: 'We are very excited to be launching the new Grab Bags throughout the city's primary schools this term.
Other grab bars are available for vertical mounting, and L-shaped ones are configured to have vertical and horizontal components.
Seven new showings yielded some positive results with grab samples up to 846.
But for Utah residents, the long-term outcome of a Bush land grab, backed by the governor, is unlikely to differ much from that of a Clinton land grab opposed by the governor: vast areas of land locked up from economic development, patrolled by federal officials, and off-limits to many forms of recreational activity.
Gemtor's VW651 rope grab offers convenient, reliable protection to help stop a worker's fall.
Set up in 1996, GRAB counters the gangs' transient nature, says Fred Hafner, director of criminal intelligence for the department's gang-crimes unit.
This "smart crane" will form the backbone of an integrated QMC system that will grab molds from a storage rack, put them in a preheat station, and finally transfer them to the waiting machine - all under computer control.
GRAB also gives INDA members enhanced exposure to government decisionmakers and provides individual member companies with a group voice when participating in legislative and regulatory arenas.
Deal Taps Grab Networks' Large Scale Content Catalog to Deliver Video to Tablets
Yoma Strategic Holdings along with ride hailing platform Grab have signed a deal to center on improve the fleet of taxis in Myanmar, together with the supply of vehicle financing for Grabs driver-partners.
Grab, the dominant ride-hailing service in Southeast Asia, is close to finalizing a deal to acquire Uber Technologies, Inc.