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close enough for government work

Good enough; OK; only satisfactory. The phrase implies that government work is usually of mediocre quality. When my project ripped in half as I walked out the door, my mom glued it back together and sent me on my way, saying, "It's close enough for government work!"

close enough for government work

 and good enough for government work
sufficiently close; done just well enough. (Alludes to the notion that work for the government is not done with care or pride.) I didn't do the best job of mending your shirt, but it's close enough for government work.

Kings have long arms.

 and Governments have long arms.
Prov. Those who are in power can always catch and punish people who have opposed them, no matter how far away those opponents may go. After his attempt to assassinate the king, the prince sailed to a distant country, although his wife warned him it would be to no avail. "Kings have long arms," she reminded him.
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By 2000, the VQA had become a governmentally regulated system--all sizes of wineries were obliged to follow its mandates.
A former director with the International Window Cleaning Association, author John Baxter draws upon his many years of experience and expertise to articulately explain how to create and register a window cleaning business, as well as how to chose a company name, the proper equipment required, how to advertise and solicit business, keep accounts, organize the office, bid on house and storefront windows, hire employees, keep and process governmentally required paperwork, and every other aspect of a professional window cleaning business operation.
We have found that, governmentally, hurdles have been put in the way of a company that only wishes to use advertising to announce the fact that a better, alternative range of sweets now exists in the marketplace.
Still, it's possible that a fair accounting might assign Gore responsibility for a significant amount of governmentally driven damage to the Earth's climate.
Sort of like the governmentally determined acceptable number of rat hairs in the peanut butter?
Today, we have a comprehensive network of governmentally endorsed, formal arrangements building to the most ambitious project of all, namely, ITER, in which all the major fusion program Parties, encompassing half the world's population, have been represented at our last negotiating meetings and are now represented fully at our project meetings.
Even though religious freedom was primarily a pragmatic goal, Krugler argues nevertheless that such views on church and state made the Lords Baltimore, and George Calvert, the First Lord Baltimore, in particular, vanguards of enlightenment views on toleration and human freedom as they sought "to liberate the human mind from governmentally imposed restraints affecting religion and politics.
The programme contained a fantastic but governmentally catastrophic scoop regarding the SAS shootings in Gibraltar.
Once an accurate scope of work has been defined, the CIH can prepare a remediation plan in accordance with governmentally recommended guidelines that are available on the Internet from the New York Department of Health or the Environmental Protection Agency.
This result opens the door to the possibility that the privately entrapped are, and the governmentally entrapped (and unpredisposed) are not, deserving of legal punishment, a claim that will be argued for in section 4.
An intriguing question is whether governmentally sponsored social security-type schemes could constitute deferred compensation for purposes of section 409A.
This group is non governmentally funded and places the centre of the British space race in a large shed in Stockport.
I do not believe it makes a difference--in its morality--whether it's done privately or governmentally.
Primarily because governmentally sanctioned enforcement and punishment is only a deterrent, legal solutions play an important role in coping with an emergency yet are inherently inadequate by themselves in the long run.
Such an assemblage is often "capitalistic" in the sense that the constituted assemblage is also accumulated under a smaller body (that is, in the largest sense, "capitalized"); democratic relations are often synthesized into representational forms that are governmentally higher than themselves.
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