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close enough for government work

Good enough; OK; only satisfactory. The phrase implies that government work is usually of mediocre quality. When my project ripped in half as I walked out the door, my mom glued it back together and sent me on my way, saying, "It's close enough for government work!"

close enough for government work

 and good enough for government work
sufficiently close; done just well enough. (Alludes to the notion that work for the government is not done with care or pride.) I didn't do the best job of mending your shirt, but it's close enough for government work.

Kings have long arms.

 and Governments have long arms.
Prov. Those who are in power can always catch and punish people who have opposed them, no matter how far away those opponents may go. After his attempt to assassinate the king, the prince sailed to a distant country, although his wife warned him it would be to no avail. "Kings have long arms," she reminded him.
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For a governmental unit's "own" tax abatements, GASB Statement 77 requires the information to be categorically organized by program (i.e., a business-development program).
MPHA surveyed Missouri public health graduates to address shortages in the governmental public health workforce.
Larsen said there's no limit on what a person can request to see, but a governmental body can deny a request that seeks information that isn't considered public.
* Whether all the organization's activities are in furtherance of a governmental purpose; and
Q: I realize governmental plan sponsors are exempt from Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) coverage.
Although it would be unthinkable today to hire a European general to oversee the majority of training prior to a major offensive, during the birth of the United States, the concept of contracting out functions that would be considered inherently governmental today were woven into the fabric of our nation at an early stage.
There are many things governmental units can't or don't want to do.
Each governmental unit will specify the vacant positions and the qualifications required
By so doing, the summit wanted to be a regional platform for sharing knowledge and experience in the field of governmental services, the organizing committee said in a release.
"This project will help people get hold of governmental documents, such as their birth certificates, without having to resort to governmental organisations," he explained.
A delegation of global governmental executives involved in investing have come together to join the Institute Council of Investors.
More than 300 delegates from various Arab and Islamic bodies, governmental and non-governmental...
Last attack carried out by the Adnan Eraslan, a non- governmental organization member and his team.
That was the issue with which Texas Courts were confronted in this case when a surgeon who had been employed by a 'governmental unit' filed a motion for summary judgment alleging that since he was an employee of such an agency he could not even be sued for medical malpractical!
The objective of this Statement is to incorporate the hierarchy of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) for state and local governments into the Governmental Accounting Standards Board's (GASB) authoritative literature.
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