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close enough for government work

Good enough; OK; only satisfactory. The phrase implies that government work is usually of mediocre quality. When my project ripped in half as I walked out the door, my mom glued it back together and sent me on my way, saying, "It's close enough for government work!"

close enough for government work

 and good enough for government work
sufficiently close; done just well enough. (Alludes to the notion that work for the government is not done with care or pride.) I didn't do the best job of mending your shirt, but it's close enough for government work.

Kings have long arms.

 and Governments have long arms.
Prov. Those who are in power can always catch and punish people who have opposed them, no matter how far away those opponents may go. After his attempt to assassinate the king, the prince sailed to a distant country, although his wife warned him it would be to no avail. "Kings have long arms," she reminded him.
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Federal government employment by function: March 2001.
The GASB standards require government financial statements to present the financial reporting entity as defined in GASB no.
The ideal of the free flow of government information to the people grew into the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP), with libraries in every state as a means to achieve that ideal.
Among the new ministers appointed to the interim Afghanistan government were two women.
Government, it cannot be repeated often enough, is power, wielded by fallible, fallen human beings, and as such it must be carefully limited both by law and by a vigilant citizenry.
Nevertheless, throughout the developing world, there is an increasingly strong need for the organized dissemination of government information.
Alexander Hamilton and John Marshall wanted to see a strong national government created to improve America's economic prospects, even if they retained an aristocratic sense that only social superiors should control that government.
Clinton left the federal government with a budget surplus of $237 billion.
local government to a private status would reflect the fact that much of what local governments do is business-like.
Creates a more citizen-centric government, fulfilling President Bush's pledge.
The natural suspicion that government involvement merely represents the usual tendency of companies which are afraid of being exposed to stronger competition to mobilize public support for their purposes comes up too short as an explanation.
On the contrary, government deals have risen year after year.
Ten to 15 years ago, Congress and the federal government took every opportunity to entice the private sector into doing business with federal agencies by changing the rules for government contracting to more closely approach those for commercial contracts.
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