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out of (one's) gourd

slang Crazy. After yet another sleepless night, I'm starting to feel like I'm out of my gourd. He's out of his gourd if he thinks this plan is going to work!
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off (one's) gourd

slang Crazy. After yet another sleepless night, I'm starting to feel like I'm off my gourd. He's off his gourd if he thinks this plan is going to work!
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bushel and a peck (and some in a gourd)

A lot. This phrase is typically used to emphasize how much one loves someone else. My darling wife, I love you a bushel and a peck.
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stoned out of (one's) gourd

Severely intoxicated by drugs, especially marijuana. ("Gourd" is a slang term for one's head or mind.) Sorry, I can't remember what we were talking about last night, I was stoned out of my gourd. There's no way I'm letting you drive—you're stoned out of your gourd!
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out of your gourd

1 out of your mind; crazy. 2 under the influence of alcohol or drugs. North American informal
1 1988 Jay McInerney The Story of My Life After ten minutes I'm bored out of my gourd.
2 1993 Stephen King Gerald's Game I was ‘on medication’ (this is the technical hospital term for ‘stoned out of one's gourd’).
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n. the head. I raised up and got a nasty blow on the gourd.

stoned out of one’s head

and stoned out of one’s gourd
mod. under the effects of marijuana. Tiffany was stoned out of her head and started giggling. That stuff makes me stoned out of my gourd.
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stoned out of one’s gourd

See also: gourd, of, out, stoned
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and specifically Lagenaria siceraria, which is also known as the whiteflowered gourd or sometimes as calabash.
The bitter gourd used for testing was "Reyan 3," glossy dark green type.
Viruliferous whiteflies were then transferred to 8-10 days-old young healthy ridge gourd seedlings at the rate of 1, 3, 5, 10, and 20 per seedling separately, and 10 plants were inoculated in each treatment.
To begin a gourd garden is a simple task with several choices.
The present studies are, therefore, aimed for the management of Myrothecium leaf spot disease by intercropping medicinal aromatic plants with bitter gourd crop which will enable us to protect bitter gourd crop from Myrothecium leaf spot disease.
Children will also be able to learn about the uses of gourds in ''kindergourden'' classes.
Seal the outer surface of the bitter gourd with the Gram flour paste.
Fall harvest highlights include a U-pick pumpkin patch, a hay maze (no charge), freshly pressed apple cider made from farm apples, 15 to 20 varieties of apples, and plenty of fall dcor, including corn stalks and gourds.
Pumpkins and gourds abound as the residents of this farm prepare for market day.
At most powwows, Gourd Dancing is usually the only dance held in the afternoons.
The present research article is designed to determine technical and environmental efficiency using a data set of bitter gourd growers taken from two districts of the Punjab province of Pakistan.
Given the National Living Treasures Award were Magdalena Gamayo, 88, a weaver of inabel, a traditional blanket known among residents of northern Luzon; and Teofilo Garcia, 55, maker of tabungao, a traditional head gear made of local gourd (upo).
The other pictured artefact is a blood gourd from Kenya or Tanzania.
Place a small bed of sand under the gourd to protect is from slugs when it is young and this will reduce marks and scars on the fruit.