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gouge (something) out of (someone or something)

1. To obtain something from someone by deceiving or swindling them. I don't trust that guy—I bet he's trying to gouge your life's savings out of you.
2. To remove something from something else by scraping or scooping. You need to gouge the innards out of the pumpkin first.
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gouge out

To remove something from something else by scraping or scooping. A noun or pronoun can be used between "gouge" and "out." You need to gouge out the innards first, then we can carve a face on the pumpkin.
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gouge something out of someone

to cheat someone out of something. (Compare this with chisel something out of someone.) They gouged the money out of the old man. The crooks gouged the life savings out of the old lady.
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gouge something out of something

 and gouge something out
to scoop or chisel something out of something. Tom gouged a horrible furrow out of the wood of the piano bench. He gouged out a horrible scratch.
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Then they gouged my eyes out with a spoon and chopped them to pieces with a knife.'
"I have been gouged a couple of times myself in the past and it can be incredibly painful.
The International Rugby Board was so concerned by de Villiers' assertion that Burger had not gouged winger Fitzgerald that they launched their own investigation.
INDIA has asked Saudi Arabia to sympathetically review the case of an Indian worker after a court ordered his eye be gouged out for accidentally blinding a Saudi national in one eye during a scuffle.
Bath's England centre Mike Tindall has claimed he was gouged during the west country derby against unbeaten Zurich Premiership leaders Gloucester as Bath fought back for a 21-21 final score.
Ospreys made the allegation after Saturday's 15-9 win over Leicester - and said the tight-head also gouged when the teams met in October.
ARMED assailants attacked a man and gouged out his eyes in front of his family during an assault in southern Afghanistan, officials said yesterday.
IRELAND star Neil Best has been banned until next year after admitting he gouged England backrow James Haskell's eye.
Young claimed that Jamie Robinson and Andy Powell were both gouged by the Italians during the Heineken Cup clash, with Martyn Williams being punched from behind.
England star Moody was furious after Tigers' Pool 3 defeat in Paris, storming: "I was gouged in the eyes.
AN attack victim called Stephen King yesterday told of his horror when he thought his eye would be gouged out in a fight.
And the panel concluded that "on the balance of probabilities, we cannot be sure that Peter Anglesea deliberately gouged the eye of Jon Dunbar".
Fullback Matt Pini claimed he was gouged during the 43-21 Heineken Cup defeat by Castres on Saturday.
Fullback Matt Pini says he was gouged during Newport's 43-21 Heineken Cup defeat by Castres on Saturday.
Saints stand-off Tommy Martyn claimed he was gouged. The Rugby League decided that Williams's hand did come close to Martyn's eye but that there was insufficient evidence to press charges.