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gouge something out of someone

to cheat someone out of something. (Compare this with chisel something out of someone.) They gouged the money out of the old man. The crooks gouged the life savings out of the old lady.
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gouge something out of something

 and gouge something out
to scoop or chisel something out of something. Tom gouged a horrible furrow out of the wood of the piano bench. He gouged out a horrible scratch.
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Fill any deep gouges and spend your time sanding out scratches while the filler sets up.
It means," said Gouge, "that one pack will last me five whole days.
The second fitting, designed to repair PE pipe gouges, is under development.
The only way to fix the gouge would have been to send a pair of spacewalking astronauts out and manoeuvre them beneath the shuttle on the end of a 100-foot robotic arm and extension boom, with few if any close-up camera views of the work.
3 gouge, starts the series of tools that have a slight curve to the cutting edge.
I'm still wondering how they repaired the gouge in the receiver without replacing it but whatever they did it looks beautiful.
Of course, it was reported immediately, and we closed down our Internet site," Gouge said.
In the case at hand, Coke's view would leave Oxford with nothing but the admonition to let the buyer beware; the common law had decided on title and no hardship to the earl or discreditable motive on the part of Gouge was to be considered.
When a station gouges consumers with high prices, courier drivers know it, and they can report it to our campaign.
There are significant penalties if you price gouge in a crisis like this.
Our bill would for the first time impose stiff penalties on drug companies that gouge the prices of medicines that their patients rely on for lifesaving treatment, said Gillibrand.
In the second half Ospreys prop Paul James appeared to indicate to French referee Christophe Berdos, by pointing to his eye, that an opposition player had tried to gouge him.
NASA discovered a worrisome gouge on Endeavour's belly soon after the shuttle docked with the international space station, possibly caused by ice that broke off the fuel tank a minute after lift-off.
An elvis lookalike was spared jail after attempting to gouge out the eyes of fellow Presley fans during an annual tribute convention.
So when one of the competitors is trying to gouge an eye out tonight, he will actually be trying to gouge an eye out.