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gouge something out of someone

to cheat someone out of something. (Compare this with chisel something out of someone.) They gouged the money out of the old man. The crooks gouged the life savings out of the old lady.
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gouge something out of something

 and gouge something out
to scoop or chisel something out of something. Tom gouged a horrible furrow out of the wood of the piano bench. He gouged out a horrible scratch.
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It means," said Gouge, "that one pack will last me five whole days.
The second fitting, designed to repair PE pipe gouges, is under development.
The only way to fix the gouge would have been to send a pair of spacewalking astronauts out and manoeuvre them beneath the shuttle on the end of a 100-foot robotic arm and extension boom, with few if any close-up camera views of the work.
Carving is more serious work: done with knives, chisels, gouges, power tools, files, rasps, etc.
Gouge refused to answer Oxford's suit, so Ellesmere had him imprisoned in the Fleet for contempt.
The gouge, about 3in square, was spotted in zoom-in photography taken by the space station crew shortly before Endeavour delivered the seven-member crew to the orbiting outpost.
Gouge forms in the early life of a fault, says Sammis.
When the pipe emerged, there were only minor scratches to the leading edge cap coated with CeramGard "J", and no scratches or gouges through the product on the rest of the pipe.
On-the-fly gouge detection allows users to check for gouges during simulation rather than having to wait for a status report at the end of the simulation.
The Consejo has released five national reports in the past four years that show hospitals price gouge the uninsured.
Sometimes gouges develop on the stud and then the extractor arm catches on the gouge.
If someone did gouge you it would be reported, but it wasn't," argued Galwey.
A 74-YEAR-OLD sub-postmaster is recovering after a raider attempted to gouge out one of his eye s during a robbery.
Unlike a traditional hardwood floor that can be refinished if worn down or repaired if there's a gouge, laminates don't roll with the punches too easily.
On Monday, as the storm was battering the shores of Louisiana, my office was warning anyone looking to gouge consumers that they would be prosecuted swiftly and severely.