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gouge (something) out of (someone or something)

1. To obtain something from someone by deceiving or swindling them. I don't trust that guy—I bet he's trying to gouge your life's savings out of you.
2. To remove something from something else by scraping or scooping. You need to gouge the innards out of the pumpkin first.
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gouge out

To remove something from something else by scraping or scooping. A noun or pronoun can be used between "gouge" and "out." You need to gouge out the innards first, then we can carve a face on the pumpkin.
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gouge something out of someone

to cheat someone out of something. (Compare this with chisel something out of someone.) They gouged the money out of the old man. The crooks gouged the life savings out of the old lady.
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gouge something out of something

 and gouge something out
to scoop or chisel something out of something. Tom gouged a horrible furrow out of the wood of the piano bench. He gouged out a horrible scratch.
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Gouge was 47 years old, and his doctor had told him to quit smoking or risk a heart attack.
The VLRS is a repair sleeve for damaged PE pipe with the ability to accommodate gouges of any length.
A veiner is a round-bottomed gouge with very high sidewalls.
In the case at hand, Coke's view would leave Oxford with nothing but the admonition to let the buyer beware; the common law had decided on title and no hardship to the earl or discreditable motive on the part of Gouge was to be considered.
Nasa was still rejoicing over the shuttle's arrival at the space station on Saturday and the grand entrance by Barbara Morgan, the back-up for teacher Christa McAuliffe on Challenger's tragic mission in 1986, when engineers saw photos of the gouge. Challenger exploded just after lift-off.
For values more or less than 1.6, the gouge does not transfer stress across the fault because bridges don't form.
He said: "McCaffery then shouted, `I'm going to kill you.' He tried to gouge out my eye."
"There are significant penalties if you price gouge in a crisis like this."
A 74-YEAR-OLD sub-postmaster is recovering after a raider attempted to gouge out one of his eye s during a robbery.
Brandon Spikes from the Florida Gators was suspended after his attempt to gouge the eyes of Georgia Bulldogs running back Washaun Ealey during a game Saturday, ESPN reported Monday.
NEWCASTLE boss Rob Andrew has branded Peter Anglesea's eye gouge on Falcons flanker Jon Dunbar a "barbaric act".
Now he fears he has been partially blinded after a robber tried to gouge out his eye outside his block of flats, fleeing the scene with pounds 34.