get (one) nowhere

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get (one) nowhere

To result in no progress for one at all; to cause one to be stuck or at an impasse. Discussing this issue has gotten us nowhere. Let's take a break and start again tomorrow. Doing the same thing over and over will get you nowhere. You've got to try a different method.
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get nowhere

Also, not get anywhere. Make no progress, as in I've tried to put this together, but I'm getting nowhere with it. This expression is sometimes intensified as get nowhere fast, as in I tried phoning but got nowhere fast. [Early 1900s] Also see get somewhere; get there.
See also: get, nowhere
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get somebody ˈnowhere/not get somebody ˈanywhere

not help somebody make progress: His job is getting him nowhere. He ought to try and find another one.All these questions aren’t getting us anywhere. We need to make a decision.
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Our attempt at Brexit negotiations have gotten us nowhere. They are far too confrontational and one dimensional.
I've rolled my eyes at you for too long and it's gotten us nowhere. I can't agree with you, but I will try harder to understand.
Warnings and threats have gotten us nowhere. State-operated institutions cannot be relied on to police themselves or enact needed reforms and inaction has come at the expense of Texans with developmental disabilities.
Above all, we must demand (because asking nicely has gotten us nowhere) recognition, respect, and, yes, the occasional fanfare.
That approach not only has gotten us nowhere; it has also exacerbated the cycle of confrontation that see the Middle East today dominated by angry and fearful populations, increasingly autocratic and security-led governments, foreign armies, terrorist groups, resistance movements, and political violence as an everyday reality in many countries.
"That discussion has been going on for over 10 years and has gotten us nowhere," Mr.