get the point

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get the point

To understand, comprehend, or grasp something. Yeah, I get the point, Mom—I won't leave my bike in the driveway anymore. That's why it's important. Do you get the point now?
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get the point (of something)

to understand the purpose, intention, or central idea of something. I wish he would stop telling jokes and get to the point of his speech.
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get the ˈpoint (of something)

understand somebody’s explanation: You haven’t got the point of what I’m trying to say.Oh, I see. I get the point.
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17, to call out the barangay, telling the officials involved that they seemed not to have gotten the point.
Reading the title and subtitle and some of the jacket copy of Michael Barone's new book, one could conclude one has gotten the point immediately, and it is hardly necessary to go further.
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