get into trouble

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get into trouble

1. To get into a bad or dangerous situation. I think we might get into trouble if we try driving the car on that rickety bridge. If you ever get into trouble out in the water, wave both your arms so the lifeguard can see you.
2. To be reprimanded for something. I am definitely going to get into trouble with my mom if she finds out that I broke the vase. If I'm not home by curfew, I will get into trouble with my parents.
3. To get a woman pregnant outside of marriage. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "get" and "into." You're just 16 years old—if you aren't ready to raise a baby, then you better not do anything to get a girl into trouble.
See also: get, trouble

get someone into trouble

make (an unmarried woman) pregnant. dated euphemistic
See also: get, someone, trouble

get somebody into ˈtrouble

(old-fashioned) make a woman who is not married pregnant
See also: get, somebody, trouble
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The Bureau of Indications has gotten into trouble with HR lately for banging on the full-sized punching bag and jumping rope in the cubicle.
Some drillers hoping for diamonds have gotten into trouble, since about 80 per cent of forest rings contain pockets of natural gas.
And Al Jazeera has gotten into trouble with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and other Arab governments over its Mideast coverage in the past.
Sheriff's officials said the boy was living with his grandmother because he had gotten into trouble while living with his parents on the East Coast and spent some time in a juvenile facility there.
Turner had gotten into trouble by venturing into unfamiliar territory to visit a girlfriend.
Historically, banks have gotten into trouble when they failed to build up allowances for loan losses in prosperous times.
Authorities said the child had gotten into trouble at the school earlier in the day and apparently became upset when he was confronted about the issue at the licensed home.
Andre, who was in the custody of the county Department of Children and Family Services, had gotten into trouble at school earlier in the day and apparently became upset when he was confronted about the issue later at the licensed group home, Sweeney said.
Smith has always relied on power and gotten into trouble when a shot required accuracy, especially on attempts to pick up spares.
OK, maybe Carey has a heart - hard to tell; any real emotions get lost in the clutter of a busy, almost desperate-seeming production (also, Carey's a little self-conscious about his acting - check out his amateurish double-take when he learns Pinocchio has gotten into trouble at school).
When reached at her Glendale home Wednesday, the mother of the 14-year-old, who declined to be identified, said her son has never gotten into trouble before.
Thank God I haven't gotten into trouble yet,'' she said.