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Watson said he's gotten an earful from constituents about their troubles with getting assistance with incorrect or confusing toll bills.
If we've gotten an earful about anything, we've gotten an earful about preferences.
Russell and the school board have gotten an earful already via e-mail, but they anticipate big crowds - so big that the district has rented the Wheeler Pavilion at the Lane Events Center both nights - with lots to say, much of it combative.
For example, back in 2003, then-EPA administrator Christine Todd Whitman backed away from applying a discount to VSL calculations for the very old, once she'd gotten an earful from seniors in Tampa.
Good thing Jan's mom and dad were at work or they would have gotten an earful.
During the August recess, senators had gotten an earful about it from constituents, most of whom reacted viscerally to the description of D&X Sen.
Three members of the president's cabinet on a cross-country jaunt to promote the Bush economic plan have gotten an earful from angry businesspeople trying to compete with Chinese imports made by workers getting 50 cents an hour.
30, 2004, to issue a final rule, and as agency officials have crisscrossed the country conducting "listening sessions," they have gotten an earful.
Jim Richardson, president of Southeastern Community College in West Burlington, said he's gotten an earful from students about the latest tuition increase.
People grappling with spiny lobsters above and under water have gotten an earful of the creatures' harsh rasping sounds.
After all, the industry has gotten an earful about stainless steel and fingerprints and water spots from consumers preoccupied with the ease of cleaning appliances.
The defending World Cup champions had gotten an earful about Morocco's ``Brazilian-style'' soccer.
In the meantime, he's gotten an earful from public sector pension advocates who are fighting the release of individual pension information because they say it would undermine their privacy and could even jeopardize their safety.
Wyden and Castillo have gotten an earful about the law from educators and parents in recent months - Wyden through a series of "listening sessions" held throughout the state last December and January, and Castillo through visits to dozens of schools.
Toso, a volunteer taking contributions Tuesday morning during the National Public Radio station's latest pledge drive, had talked a contributor into upping a donation from $50 to $75 - and gotten an earful of praise for the station, to boot.