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The sentence containing the offending Americanism read: "The county governors have gotten the wrong end of the stick."Gotten is an Americanism, not used in British English.
Ben, what's the best human encounter you've gotten from your comic, Snakepit?
"The verdict was not perfect, but it's a lot more than we could have gotten in the past," admits Smith, who began tracking murders of transgender victims in the late 1990s.
The fact that place-kick "punts" go farther, are more accurate, and are gotten off quicker, makes it a no-brainer decision.
At first it was very difficult to find funding for that kind of work, but it has gotten better and better."
(1) The odds of saying that drinking had led to unplanned intercourse during the current school year were twice as high among students who had first gotten drunk at age 12 or younger as among their peers who had first been intoxicated at age 19 or older; the odds of reporting that unprotected intercourse had resulted from drinking also were doubled among those who had had an episode of drunkenness by age 12.
If he has gotten results, it may be easy for him to win reelection, but it will be because Bush has been a capable president, not because Rove is a genius.