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We've gotten to the stage now where we know enough about conservation on one side, and about how infectious diseases work on the other, to really start to mix the two together.
The researchers restricted the analyses to the 11,739 students who were aged 19 or older (the oldest age category in which respondents reported first having gotten drunk).
Every summer, the muscular branches of the hulking liquidambars planted decades ago by the city have sagged lower as they've aged and gotten heavier.
Skateboarding has gotten dark, and I am their dark scribe.
Mitchell, the former UCLA star, hasn't gotten his hands on much of anything this season - just 14 receptions - which led to some grousing recently.
I would have never gotten this money without them,'' said Betty, who never remarried.
I went to see how close I'd gotten (to what really happens),'' Shearer says.
Bryant has drawn praise from Jackson for his game management this year, especially his decision-making in the first half, when he's consciously gotten other players going offensively, sometimes at the expense of his own scoring.