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The proportions who were alcohol-dependent and who had recently binged fell sharply as the age at which students had first gotten drunk increased; findings from the multivariate analyses confirmed that the odds of alcohol dependence and bingeing were highest among those who had first gotten drunk during the preadolescent or early teenage years and declined steadily thereafter.
It's interesting and amusing that guys who've gotten to this level of society in life can think of nothing more desirable to do with this precious week of their year than to basically re-enact their sophomore year of college - except with more money,'' Shearer says.
Life in this country has gotten better,'' said Charlene Bridges, of North Augusta, S.
We should have gotten a real post office a long time ago.
There are a lot of great actors in Hollywood, but few, if any, could have have gotten away with being so over the top without seeming campy.
He had gotten into drugs, his life had turned sour, and, well, it was pretty awful.
When last we looked in on this feisty 99-year-old native of Spain - who had gotten mad at his old country for being cheap a couple of years back and decided to trade it in on the United States - Rafael was standing in the hallway of the Immigration and Naturalization Service building downtown tearfully hugging strangers after passing his citizenship test.
Freddy's mom finds it somewhat suspicious that her son has gotten home from school half an hour before school lets out.
Lots of situation there, but unless the line ``Baby, if I was premenstrual you'd be dead'' floats your boat, there's nary a laugh to be gotten out of this whole elaborate setup.