get tough

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get tough

To become strict or stern and ready to discipline. Thanks for taking care of the kids for me. Remember to get tough if they don't listen to you. I had to start getting tough with the members of my team to get the project back on schedule.
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get tough (with someone)

to become firm with someone; to use physical force against someone. The teacher had to get tough with the class because the students were acting badly. I've tried nicely to get you to behave, but it looks like I'll have to get tough and really punish you.
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be/get ˈtough (on/with somebody)

be strict with somebody whose behaviour you do not like; be ready to punish somebody: It’s time to get tough with football tough on crime
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When the going got tough, would I have the intestinal fortitude to stand up?
He says that though Fergie has a hard-man image, it was always the same one or two players he ever got tough with.