got it

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(You) got it?

1. Do you understand and agree to abide by what I just said? Usually used at the end of threats or demands. If I ever catch you smoking cigarettes again, I will ground you for three months straight, you got it? From now on, you report to me and me alone, got it?
2. Are you able to do a particular task? You got it? Or do you need help carrying all those bags? A: "Ugh, there's the phone again. You got it?" B: "Yeah. Good morning, Ernst and Associates. How may I direct your call?"

get it

1. To pick up, retrieve, or receive something. I paid for her present online, but I need to go get it from the store. A: "The baby knocked her bottle onto the ground." B: "Don't worry, I'll get it."
2. To understand or comprehend something. I've read this chapter three times, but I'm just not getting it. You might want to slow down your lectures, I don't think the rest of the class gets it. A: "Remember, you need to press this button three times before turning on the engine." B: "OK, got it."
3. To answer the telephone or door. I hear the doorbell ringing—would you mind getting it?
4. To pay for something, especially for or on behalf of someone else. Don't worry about dinner tonight, I've got it. I'll get it, you put your money away.
5. To receive a severe reprimand, scolding, retaliation, or punishment. Oh man, I'm going to get it from my parents when they find out I wrecked the car! You little punk, you're going to get it if you ever show your face around here again!
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got it

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